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Check - I don't collect/use visoflex - Mate

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I've never set out my visoflex stuff all at once before. My wife is right - I am odd.

So just for fun.

Let's see what is there?


Around the board

IIIa with 35mm/3.5 Elmar - My first Leica inherited from my Grandfather.

IIIg on tripod with 50mm/2.0 Collapsible Summicron using a Summitar "barn door" hood.



On the coasters serving as "cup holders" are the non-viso focusing mounts without heads.


In front are the lens caps.


On the board left to right


Second row - OUEPO, ZOOEP, OTRPO, 135mm/4.5 Hektor in ZOOAN

Third row - TNGOO, 135mm/4.5 Hektor in OTSRO in OTZFO

Fourth row - OTDYM(Viso II Bayonet Mnt) with OTVXO(viewer) with OTZFO*

Fifth row - OTXBO(RA viewer), 90mm/4.0 Elmar in OTQNO in OUAGO, Viso III

Sixth row - 90mm/2.0 Summicron (pre-set aperture ring), 200mm/4.5 Telyt

Eighth row - OTDYO(Viso II LTM) with OTXBO with OUFRO, OTXBO, 135mm/2.8 Elmarit,


So, where's the M body to attach the Bayonet mount Visos to?

My M2 is currently getting a much needed CLA and a new cover from Youxin Ye.


I have other non Leica lenses, adapters and bellows that didn't make the picture,

even though they do get used with the Visoflex stuff.

I do actually use most of the stuff.


Oh, the picture was taken with a Leica designed Panasonic lens.

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Good thing you do not collect this stuff!

(I don't either. I'd like to find a screw mount Viso II, but they do not seem to appear very often. Screw mount on the camera end, bayonet on the lens end, would be the most versatile. Do such exist?)

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Screw mount Viso IIs do seem hard to come by and usually are rather expensive.

The Visoflex II on the left of eighth row of the board has a screw mount on the body end and a bayonet on the lens end.

I'll try to post some additional pics later.


I was somewhat lucky how I obtained mine. It was advertised as a


"Visoflex II-Converts Leica Camera III F IIIF"


The total package included:

The prism unit OTYDO with

both the right angle OTXBO and vertical OTVXO finders.

A 50mm screw mount to M adapter IRZOO/14097.

A universal focusing mount OTZFO/16464.

An extension tube OTSRO/16472K.

An aluminum case and a couple of other things.

Total cost was $151.00

Probably one of my better Leica bargains.

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Here are some quick pics of the screw mount Viso II.

I should mention that the body of this Viso II probably started out

with a bayonet mount on the camera side and the curved release arm for an M series.

My original screw mount Viso II has a balky mirror.

So instead of getting a proper CLA,

I swapped mounts and arms with a Viso II bayonet mount.

Took just a few minutes.

It might be possible to buy just the release arm and the screw flange

from a repair person like Don Goldberg. DAG Camera Parts

By the way, he did a fantastic job fixing my IIIg ealier this year.

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