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The short version would be - maybe, yes, no, sort of (according to Laney, Leica Collectors Guide, 1992, pp. 128 and 359).

According to Laney....

The 50mm f/2.8 LTM Elmar (11512/11012) was sold in a special mount for use with slide projectors in the 1960s. It would appear that that version was cataloged as 37051 (?), and branded variously as an Elmar and an Elmaron.

It is the same optical formula, but the projection mount is very different. Not swappable with the LTM camera version.



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Not familiar with the 50, but in the 1980's I bought for the health clinic I worked for 6 Leitz Carousel type projectors, I believe they were rebranded Braun. The lens that came with them was a 60-110 Vario-Elmar, it was a fantastic lens, with one draw back, they showed all the dust on your slides which the Kodak projectors of the time couldn't. The lens must have been made for the Leica projector as it had a sleeve to focus with the Carousel gear mechanism. When the Leica rep learned that I used Leicas he gave me one of the lenses. BTW the projectors repeatedly broke down.

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