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4 hours ago, Fernando Kneese said:

Are there manuals for a Summarit F=5cm. 1:1,5 ?

Thank you.

No manual AFAIK. Maybe there was a little booklet with three lines of instructions and a guaranty page, but I have never seen one. After all, there is precious little content to write about a lens with just two controls.

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Hello Fernando,

Welcome to the Forum.

Along with E 41 filters the lens takes an A 43 lens cap 14035 which means that it takes a swing out A 43 Polarizer 13360 & a lens hood 12520. The lens hood also is letter coded XOONS. All of these accessories are relatively hard to come by.

Best Regards,


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When working in the archives of my past Fontenelle collection, I came across these two color photos of a "prototype" Summarit I had, engraved "Betriebsob. nº 051". They have nothing to do with the subject of this thread, but here are they, just for fun.

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No manual AFIK, but definitely a mention in my 1954-era manual for the M3. Here's a picture with my 1954 50/1.5 Summarit. 

Little Jessie and big Taylor are good buddies.
Leica M10, 50mm f/1.5 Summarit (1954, designed 1936. Recoated at Focal Point Lens 2017.)
This was the first Leica lens I ever used, back in 1969. My grandfather bought it with an M3 camera in Heidelberg in 1954. I'd spiral-scratched the c4@p out of the softly-coated front element with over-zealous cleaning when I was a teenager. I had it recoated by John van Stelton at Focal Point Lens a month before he retired.
I'm quite impressed with the overall rendering - sharper than expected at maximum f/1.5 aperture, but still soft and flared enough for a vintage rendering. It had been so soft before recoating that I hadn't used it much.

Don't know why the color version is so red here - the original looks great on my calibrated monitor. The black and white removes the distraction of color.

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