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adapting an APO Televid 82 to a non-leica camera body

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I'm  tackling the following issue since ages . I would like to use my 82 Apo Televid as a lens , for various purpose : nature , and possibly astrophotography.

A) i'm chasing the leica 42306 adapter (no longer in production, but available in some places)

I have a question with this adapter , it's offers a T-mount interface in the back (camera side)  but i've seen a female thread. I'm puzzled because I would have been expecting a Male thread, because all the T-mount camera adapter I have seen have F thread in the front.

Anybody having experience of such adapter would be welcome.

B) even more difficult question: my ultimate idea is to use the Televid as a "deluxe" guiding scope in astrophotography: for that purpose, I would like to use its native focal length of 440mm, that is to say bypass the 42306 that works as a focal multiplier .

I have seen that when one removes the eyepiece of the Televid, there is a Male thread (in parallel with the Leica  "bayonet" mount (translation from French).  This thread looks like 42x1mm or 42x075mm . I just wander if it would be possible to adapt an eyepiece holderr to this thread, to use standard eyepieces or a camera.

Any help, comment, advice, would be highly appreciated

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      Using some sort of aperture control on the 'O' Serie is useful as otherwise the aperture lever is quite tricky to adjust as it is nearly flush with the front face of the lens. 
      I've no doubt that even with a coated lens, the camera might benefit from the use of a lens hood (as do most cameras).
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      In other words would the use of a VALOO allow the use of modern aperture settings on the replica 1917 lens ?
      Any comments would be appreciated !!
      Thanks in advance,
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