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Is the SL2-S the perfect hybrid camera? To me, the answer is...

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15 minutes ago, Vlad Kuzemchik said:

I think I read somewhere that they use Rec2020 gamut, but gamma curve is still proprietary. So you have to have to de-log by hand.

You can download 3D LUTs from Leica's web site.

16 minutes ago, Vlad Kuzemchik said:

F-log curve looks close, but still not perfect.

Leica has indicated that L-Log is modeled after Arri Log-C.

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...It might. Prologue: For me, it might be the perfect hybrid. At least this is what I am trying to figure out. I have tried dozens of cameras from all brands. While I fell in love with Leica about a year ago and have been using since the Q2 and M10P/R, it was far from a good hybrid solution. I do 50% photos/videos, and I have high expectations for both. As many of you may know already, the best hybrid for me lately, after trying the R5, the A7RIV, the SL2, and many others, has been the A7S

Abused by excessive compression.... but that is SL2 at 12500 iso. Gets better when clicked. Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!

Do what I did. Sell the A7SIII. Use your SL2S in manual focus for video. Suffer for some long weeks. Think about the A7SIII everyday. Buy it again out of regret. Go out for a walk with you A7SIII, and take a look at the disgusting texture and image it produces, then go back permanently to your SL2S. Suck up the manual focus for a couple months, and you'll come out of this a winner.  I too thought I could not live without AF, and now that I can manual focus almost subconsciously, my footage

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23 minutes ago, Vlad Kuzemchik said:

I think I read somewhere that they use Rec2020 gamut, but gamma curve is still proprietary. So you have to have to de-log by hand.

I'm pretty sure, from many testings, L-log is a log curve optimised for 10 bit HDR video in the Rec 2020 colour space. You're right, the gamma curve seems to be Leica's own making. It doesn't match Arri LogC or any other camera I know. 


23 minutes ago, Vlad Kuzemchik said:

Going through ACES still gives same flat image  (Rec2020->ACEScct)=>(ACEScct->Rec709), which makes sense, since, I believe, it uses HLG.

I agree. When setting up input transform to Rec 2020 and output transform to Rec 709, which is my monitor's colour space, I get the right colours, albeit still on the flat side. With the Leica LUT Rec2020 Natural, a fitting gamma curve can be applied, which in itself represents a conservative and neutral grade with most questions already answered (I bet it matches HLG 100%). But you can get there quickly by foot without the LUT. 

I prefer the log approach over a video curve such as HLG since I have more flexibility. But, of course, HLG is a great option. The gamma is already there, but highlights and DR are maintained as much as the video curves allow. A much better option than shooting in Rec709 anyway. 
That all being said, there's a lot to learn about. First, the Leica's log curve lives in the Rec 2020 colour space (which includes HLG) and allows for second-to-none colours in its market, which is great. But, second, most users are what the marketing people call prosumers, a bunch of professionals and enthusiast. They/we still work 99% of the time in the Rec709 colour space, at least finish for that colour space. Understanding what's going on with the SL2 and SL2-S in HDR Rec2020 log video and translate that to SDR Rec709 video is quite a stretch. That's the reason why many drop L-Log for good because they don't want to fight with magenta tinted faces or greenish flat pictures. IMO, Leica urgently needs a video cookbook published.

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