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Digital negatives

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I did search :)

I have a craving for some alternative/analogue processes. I have no interest in shooting film until I get my large format sorted (paper begs) but I do love the idea of a darkroom and time away from the world and the screen.

Have any of you tried creating digital contact sheets? Digital negatives? I get amazing results from my little Canon onto Fotospeed but, I do like the idea of less perfection and seeing the image appear.

I keep thinking how amazing it would be to have a digital enlarger but the costs... maybe a projector would work.

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On 12/11/2020 at 1:13 PM, P1505 said:

Did you have to do anything special with the tone curve or was it fairly simple? Reading all the info online it seems like you need to hire NASA for the week to get the tones right.

Sorry, I didn't see your question in reply to my post.

I first made a curve that was more in line with a film response: boosting shadows and reducing highlights, both strongly - sort of opposite to a too-strong contrast curve. Then I did a straight inversion of the result. It did take a bit of trial and error. Cyanotypes respond differently to normal printer paper!

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