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luigi bertolotti

Old 180 on a not historica body...

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Tele Tessar 180 f 6,3 (closes to f 45...) for Contax, aged 1940, with a honest Kipon adapter...

(no RF coupling)

... and discovered that, by chance, its lenshead (easily unscrewable... like Leitz' ones) has almost exactly the same diameter  as the female M bayonet.. 1/5 or 1/10 of mm less... so that with some trivial strips of scotch protection you can arrange this  set : decently solid (the lens barrel is rather long - well balanced) and with a good focus range


I don't expect stellar performances... probably comparable to 1st Elmar 13,5 or Alpine... a Forum member told me that this lens (like the Elmar 13,5) was not designed for 35mm, but also sold for 6x9 plates / film sheets. But is a not so common item... I think to have seen around more items of its prestige brother "Olympia".



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Nice lens! The older Tele-Tessar was recomputed to match the requirements of the small Contax and even offered for the Kine-Exakta for a short time before they stopped selling around 1940. I own one for my Exaktas and can adapt it to M focusing with EVF, it's performance isn't far from bad, as you say comparable to 4.5 and 6.3 Elmar.

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