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Shoot film and digitized it?

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vor 18 Stunden schrieb RayD28:

Thanks for posting this shot.  Does the setup require you to use the in-camera software that limits you to a jpeg, or can you get a NEF file?  What do you use for a light source and does the camera's meter indicate proper exposure?  How secure (tight) is the negative mount?  Can you shoot handheld?  

Without conversion you get the RAW format, then you do it in LR on our own. I shot against a LED ceiling light from the hand with an exposure suggested from the camera. It's maybe not the most accurate and professional way, but it works for me.

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I began digitizing film as far back as 1994, because I was "in the industry" and needed to learn how.

Kept it up once I got into Leica M in 2001 - until the M8 arrived.

In 2014-ish, I began scanning 6x6 film, and am selling medium-large prints from those scans. As well as showing some of the images in the "I like film" thread.

I would say digitized film really came into its own when the soft-gloss "Baryta"-type fiber-based inkjet papers arrived about 2008: Harman (Ilford) Fiber Gloss (R.I.P.) and then some others. For me, they convincingly duplicate the "double-weight silver glossy paper, air-dried, waxed-egg-shell" look and feel that was missing for the first 12-20 years of digitized film. But was basic practice most of my previous photographic existence. Although I will use "RC" luster/pearl or gloss for rough prints or handouts, especially with color pictures.

I'd say Vuescan's offering of .dng files as an output option also moved the ball nicely - I can post-process my scans with all the tools of a raw converter, which is generally more proficient than the scanner software controls.

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