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UK Brexit Leica service suspended

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Perhaps not the right thread, but....

I ordered a lens (Elmarit R 15mm) on Sunday the 9. Februari in France in Nogent le Rotrou (near Chartres), it arrived today Friday the 12. February in Germany in Burgthann (near Nuremberg). At no extra costs! It was sold by french-camera.com.

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Taking back control!

Just spoken to a very helpful guy in CS in London, who confirms everything above (of course!) They can still accept smaller cameras up to Q, which can be seen to over here, but anything larger, from Ms upwards, there is a moratorium.  They don’t want something to be in Germany or Portugal in January, with no idea as to how they can get it back safely and without tariffs.  They have a colleague from Leica Australia advising them, as he is used to sending kit to Germany from outside the

As a treasurer of several charities I have received letters from HMG asking if we are prepared for the new regime for business from 1 January. Only one thing missing - they don't know what the new regime will be.

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1 hour ago, pgk said:

We not backward looking are we? Much as I am impressed by such makers history suggests that their survival long terms is not guaranteed. What about current state-of-the-art innovation?

All of the mentioned manufacturers make hand-built 'kit cameras'. The chances of producing a British made high quality digital camera in the 2020s are very slim. The modern 'digi-wonders' are a different game altogether as they are heavily dependent on electronics which are only available to the manufacturer. Leica's service turnaround was not outstanding in 'normal times', but Brexit+Covid is a kind of perfect storm to make matters even worse. My suggestion to anyone in the UK is to use to use the UK dealer network, or what is left of it, to deal with the cross-border bureaucracy. Here in Dublin we are still in the EU, but we have no Leica dealer. The only one we had 'resigned his post' last year. He continues to deal in all of the other top makes. 


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I’ve been waiting for a CL body in black to complete an outfit order since mid January and the dealer is indicating that Brexit issues are holding up his order from Germany and that deliveries that used to come in just over a week are now taking much longer (in my case 5 weeks longer). It’s a bit frustrating especially as I’m seeing stock elsewhere and I’ve paid for the camera, a lens and various extras totalling almost £5k. I’ve used the dealer successfully a lot so am being patient but I’m really hoping that these are Brexit teething troubles and not ‘how it’s going to be’. 

Blue passports though...

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