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Refreshing vulcanite on a Leica M 240 to remove small light mark


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I am looking at trying to refresh a  small area of the vulcanite to the left of the lens mount on my Leica M 240 as it is slightly lighter than the rest  Is there any recommend way of doing this without making things worse ?

Appreciate any sound advice

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Difficult to say with only seeing the photo, but it does not appear to me that I'm not seeing actual damage to the material.  It looks more like dirt imbedded into the texture of the material, in which case any mild cleaning method might help.

If it's a mild abrasion, you might investigate a Q-Tip and a tiny amount of one of the various auto trim refreshing products.  There are about a zillion of them at any auto supply.  I don't think this would be too risky if done with restraint.

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