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Leica Q2 Monochrom - Image Thread


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bait & switch - foggy in the valley, but clear high in the hills...still got a few snaps


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6 hours ago, Nezikin said:


I am debating Q2 vs Q2M, already have M240 and Sony system. I do not use post production image manipulation, so my question is are the images as they come from the Q2M without tweaking in post, considerably better than Q2 images taken in the camera's monochrome mode?

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube you can watch about the benefits of a Monochrom camera - this is an image thread 🙂

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On 11/24/2021 at 7:43 AM, Nezikin said:

I am debating Q2 vs Q2M

There are only really two significant advantages for the Q2M: (i) you can only shoot B&W, and (ii) slightly more than a stop better high ISO. If these are really important, then go for the Q2M. But if you ever want to shoot some things in colour, go with the Q2. Other than for very low light with moving subjects, Q2 monochrome conversions are not going to be significantly different - and for low light static subjects the in-lens image stabilisation does 99% of what you might need. The Q2M can also more of a pain to use because you will want to swap out different colour contrast filters, whereas you can achieve the same effect in Lightroom with the Q2. Resolution differences between the two cameras are small enough that post-processing and printing have a greater impact on sharpness than the camera itself.

Both are excellent cameras - you can not go wrong with either. FWIW, I went with the Q2M mainly because I mostly otherwise shoot B&W film at night.

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On 11/13/2021 at 9:22 PM, Dennis said:

Still testing the Q2M

Today I was editing a found out about this one. 

Original file (unedited, of course 🤫) .. 

Then a few edits, curves and voila.... 

I remember when I took the shoot. I was working in Auto SS and iso. I switch to manual exposure for a specific scene of lights. But when I looked at this scene, I had to shoot. You don't see every day Tony Starks, who surely drained all the Iron Man battery and decided to drive a bike instead... With ... ??? Who knows...
By the way, my respects for the Q2M! 



That is astonishing recovery!  And a very cool pic too:)

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