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I did a search and did not see this topic for the Q2, only the Q so I will start one.  I just took my Q2 on its first long photo trip and have been very disappointed in the battery life.  I am getting maybe 200 shots before the battery was almost expended.  I do not chimp my photos much.  I am using the Extended EVF setting,  Power saver is off because I find it a hassle.  I was looking online and found someone on Depreview that said he was getting well over 1000 shots from a battery.  His settings are similar to mine: 

"As regards settings I have auto review set to off, (Helps battery life and stops me checking every photo), I also have the EVF set to extended....... Optical image stabilisation is set to Auto. Power saving mode is set to off and just in case this makes a difference, Auto power off is set to 2 mins and display off set to 1 min."

What the heck am I doing wrong?



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I have a new Q2 and was reading about the battery- guidelines say to use the battery until completely drained for the first three cycles/charges.

I've just gone through the breaking in period for the battery, and I'm hoping for positive results, especially at the cost of an additional battery.

I set my camera up to run minimally, EVF Extended, no chimping, at least when out and about., and I'm not using OIS. I usually select the base ISO in digital cameras but am trying the auto-ISO, which seems to be a nice  feature.

I'll watch what my battery count yields with the next full charge and report back...

I thought I saw a reference somewhere about a Panasonic battery with same specs-(?)

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When I first got the Q2 I was disappointed with the battery - particularly because there aren't cheap unbranded ones available. With 2 batteries, after a couple of hours it was running on fumes.

I was using a 64gb SD card, which was the fastest available (90 mb/s) when I bought my Q 5 years ago. It was too small with the huge raw & 4K video files, so I bought a new 256gb card, which is twice as fast (170 mb/s). I'm not sure if it coincidence, but the batteries last much longer - maybe less buffering when writing to the card.

Last week I got about 800 shots and 45 minutes of video from one battery, and still had a bar left on the battery indicator.  That roughly matches the Q.

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Thanks, guys.  I will run my battery through a few complete discharge cycles and see how that works to improve the situation.  I see the manual says you are suppose to do that after every 25 charges or so.  Never knew that about batteries.  Did not do that for my Nikon and it seems to work just fine.  I am willing to try any other settings anyone can suggest.


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