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THE WINNER! : 2020 "Covid-special" Challenge

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Thanks to everyone who has taken part in this year's challenging Challenge. I am delighted to say that we have had entries from people who have not taken part in these challenges before as well as stalwarts of past competitions.

We have 36 entries this year, presented to you in the order in which I received them. 


Please vote for your THREE favourites as follows:


3 points for the best shot

2 points for your second choice, and 

1 point for your third choice.


Awarding for fewer than three shots will not count.

The voting will remain open for two weeks, with the winner being announced at 22:01 GMT on Saturday 14th November.


Good luck to everyone who entered and thanks again!


1 Seaside Transport



2 Reflexionism 



3 The Old Lighthouse



4 Fall by the Pond



5 The Deep



6 Fall, falling, fallen, and ready to fall



7 Prefer Shopping to Punting



8 By The Water



9 "Untitled"



10 Submerged



11 Not the One



12 Duckling Down the Drain



13 Derwentwater



14 de Schelde



15 Gleaming



16 Girl and Dog



17 Hello Hamburg



18 Prayer Cairn (Seaton Devon)



19 Heron statues guarding pond in Baie D-Urfé



20 Old Fishway



21 Waiting For The Low Tide



22 Brighouse Canal Basin



23 Lakeside



24 Smile



25 Too Many Apples of Discord in the Garden of Eden



26 Cleaning by water



27 Tree over the river



28 The bathtub



29 Footbridge



30 Rainbow Stream



31 Lupins by water



32 When Leica lens meets water lens



33 By water


34 River Wye



35 Ghost Tree



36 Brighton West Pier long exposure



And here are all the shots in one 30MB pdf



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#31 3pts

#13 2pts

#2 1pt

A really lovely selection this time and very hard to choose. I ended up going on first instincts of those which appealed to me (or I’d never have made up my mind!)

Edited by Lynn GT

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3 points to number 2

2 points to number 13

1 point to number 15

It’s good to see landscape photographs come out of hiding this year! Well done to everyone and good luck 🤞 

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What a wonderful result; congratulations to all! The choice has not been easy, but here are my personal favourites:

  1. 3 points to #12 Duckling Down the Drain - aqueous wildlife in its natural habitat 😃.
  2. 2 points to #32 When Leica lens meets water lens - reminds me of many of the waterways here in the Netherlands.
  3. 1 point to #35 Ghost Tree - a fitting image to Halloween.

Keep safe and healthy!

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My votes are:


26 - 3 points

31 - 2 points

2 - 1 point


Well done everyone - it was interesting to have a "theme" this year, and I think that has helped.

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