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    • By roedj
      I am looking for a way to remotely trigger the shutter on a D-LUX 7 camera. I don't have a smart phone. I've searched various fora but I'm just not experienced enough to know what I'm reading. Any help is much appreciated.
    • By Tim Hazen
      Have connected the camera to my iPhone through the Leica Fotos app. and successfully uploaded some images. Lately, however, the two devices connect, but I am unable to view images in the Fotos app or upload images. Any thoughts/suggestions?
    • By yst
      Anyone tried to use the little flash unique that comes with the Leica D-Lux 7 package on a Leica CL body?  Would that be compatible?   (just for fill flash purpose)
    • By nkk
      Hello. I have all the three compact cameras mentioned above and recently, everytime I connect them to Leica FOTOS and go to remote control mode, the only exposure setting I can control is the ISO. The options for aperture and shutter speed is greyed out and I can only control it with the camera physically. Why is this happening? I tried to put the camera on all PASM modes and made sure snapshot mode was off but didn't work. I reset the cameras and formatted the SD cards one million times as well. I can change other settings like resolution, metering, file format, etc.. except exposure!
    • By MNvA
      Ich habe RAW-Dateien aus der D-Lux 7 mit dem Adobe-DNG-Converter in DNG-Dateien umgewandelt und dann in Lightroom 6 importiert. Dort werden die Dateien ganz kurz in Farbe dargestellt, dann allerdings dauerhaft nur in SW. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die RAW-Dateien in LR6 als Farbbilder zu importieren, ohne auf das aktuelle LR-Abo umsteigen zu müssen?
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