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Probably already answered many times. Sorry for the repeat.

Does anyone know whom to contact at Apple in regard to getting the D-Lux 7's raw files recognized in MacOS High Sierra? (2011 computer; High Sierra is latest compatible OS.)

Apple says to contact Leica because the camera files may not be compatible with the OS. That doesn't ring true to me...

Or would it be best just to forget about it? 


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2 hours ago, jrethorst said:

Compatibility of a file with an OS is not an issue here; the question is compatibility of a file with a program.... 

 Thank you. I tried to make that point to the Apple technician. Indeed, Adobe's programs work fine with the D-Lux 7 files. 

But Apple has built into its OS the framework for interpreting raw files, so that one can preview a file from the Finder without the need of viewing it in a program. And for that reason, Apple apps such as Preview also can't read the D-Lux 7 files.

My Ms, my previous D-Luxes, my Nikons, my Sony can all be read directly from the Finder. It seems to me since Apple has chosen to make raw deciphering part of their OS but hasn't seen fit to accommodate the D-Lux 7, that the Apple tech who told me that the camera's files may not be compatible with the System is in error.

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If I recall correctly, I have seen cases in which Apple added support for a new camera to an operating system older than the current one. I do not recall whether the operating system was so old that it would not be getting any updates other than crucial security updates. Apple tpyically supports the most recent system software, and the two generations before it. These days, High Sierra, which I am still using, gets only security updates and Safari updates.

I do recall reading years ago, when Apple's Aperture program was still being sold and supported, that support for a camera was taken quite seriously by Apple, and that thousands of test images were involved in providing support for each camera model. The lead developer for Aperture is the developer for RAW Power.

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Of course, when Apple switched from JPEG to HEIC in its phone cameras and iOS, support for HEIC was added to High Sierra.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. 🙂

And clearly, there are more recent iPhones and iPads in the world than D-Lux 7s.

Thanks to everybody for your insights and links.

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