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47 minutes ago, miro said:



An image of the Leica SL2-S has been posted on an overseas news site. It seems to be equipped with 24 million pixel CMOS

The only difference I see from the current SL2 is Leica is blacked out on the front and the SL2-S nomenclature on the hot shoe, also black. Where did you find the sensor information?

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First time Leica brings out a reduced version which does not cost more ...

FYI, just called my local Leica store. They have 3 in stock. I am picking mine up later this afternoon. Very severe GAS condition right now. 

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52 minutes ago, Steven said:

The answer to the S5.

As expected. Typically, Leica reuses the bodies, as well as most of the electronics, to a large degree. Having the S5, I'm interested learning the specs of the SL2-S, not buying one myself. No fleip-screen, apparently. 

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1 hour ago, Steven said:

Ah ! That’s interesting. By luck, have you ever used the sl2? I’m very curious to know the difference in AF performance between the s5 and the sl2, stills and videos... any info to share ? 

S5 is quicker and more reliable than SL2. Not significantly, but noticeable. Not a game changer, but good to have. 

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Any size comparison between the previous sl2?

Now that a more portable sized sl wil be soon available, do you folks see a likelyhood of a M mount autofocus adapter  for the L mount system? 

Id think the adapter and sl2-s would be a perfect pairing for transitioning into SL/ L mount

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1 hour ago, jplomley said:

Give me an SL2-M, and my wallet is open. Those Summicrons on a Monochrome sensor would be spectacular. Great for portraits, landscapes etc. They have done it with the m and Q product lines, why not the SL? A lot cheaper than the monochrome Phase system.


A Monochrom S would still be much cheaper than the Phase (even if based on the S3 rather than the S007), and would likely provide even better tonal gradations than an SL2-M.  But I’d prefer the benefits of the SL2’s IBIS, focus aids, etc for handheld work, as the S would mostly be tripod based, which is becoming increasingly rare for me.  And of course the S would be much  less budget friendly than the SL2.

I’ve stayed away from the M10 Monochrom (and M10-R), but an SL2 Monochrom might  tempt for landscapes and such.  My M9M would better serve for more discreet walk around and ‘street’ use.


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I really hope this means at least external ProRes Raw output with atomos! I believe their past interview stated they withheld from doing this because of the high megapixel count (correct me if I'm wrong). When I read 25fps DNG photos, that really sparked a hopeful idea for higher bit-rate raw video output as well– maybe higher than 12-bit? Though I know that is a far stretch for them 😢

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This from LR.

Here are the leaked specifications of the upcoming Leica SL2-S mirrorless camera:


  • 24.6 MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor
  • 5-axis image stabilization (5.5 steps)
  • Maximum ISO sensitivity: 100,000
  • 4K / C 4K 10-bit 4: 2: 2:
  • Multishot feature with 96MP (the SL2 has a 187MP Multishot)
  • Dimensions: 146 x 107 x 83mm
  • Weight: 850g (931g with battery)
  • US price: $4,895 (compared to $5,995 for their Leica SL2)

Read more: https://leicarumors.com/2020/12/04/leica-sl2-s-additional-specifications-and-us-pricing.aspx/#ixzz6fiqR89TN

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