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Real-world Comparison of the M10R and the M10

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Note: What follows is "political" only to the extent that the subject matter comprises demonstrations against Trump captured in Washington, D.C. between January 2017 and today. If the politics offend you, no need to click on the link. I'm really not trying to start a political discussion, nor if I were to post images of Buddhist monks would I be trying to start a discussion here about religion!

I received the original M10 the day before Trump's inauguration. The Women's March two days later saw a half million people in the streets of DC, where I live. I used the M10 to document that march and a dozen others throughout 2017 and 2018.

This past summer, I got the M10R, though at the time I was hunkering down against Covid far away in the western US. Yesterday I took the M10R to the 2020 reprise of The Women's March. This was the first time I'd taken the M10R out in conditions identical to the demonstrations I documented with the M10, so it gave me a really good opportunity to compare the files from two cameras. I have to say, I am very happily impressed by the M10R's performance. Stunned would be too strong a word, because I already knew how much more detail was present in M10R files from using it as a landscape camera. But I am impressed sufficiently to risk posting "political" pictures here, so others might see a real-world comparison between the two cameras. (All images taken with the 35mm Summilux FLE.)

Rather than try making that case by posting down-razzed images on the Forum, I added a few pictures from today to the very end of the gallery on my website where I had earlier posted M10 images of prior demonstrations. If you want what are essentially side-by-side comparisons of the two cameras' dynamic range and presentation of detail, there is a very easy way to find the M10R pictures:

  • After you click the link, it will take you to the first image in the gallery.
  • Click the button in the upper right (It's really four boxes, but you'll get it.) A set of thumbnails will come up.
  • Got to the last 10 -- those are all M10R images. All the previous pics are M10 images.

In addition to flirting with a political discussion, I may be asking for trouble with people saying, "I see no difference between those pictures and all the rest." My response would be/will be: I loved the M10 and believed it was a near perfect camera for street photography. As was the case when the 2nd generation of the Leica Monochrom morphed into the M10 Monochrom, the dynamic range and detail of the M10R, to me, is a tremendous leap forward.

Here's the link.





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Hi John, without getting into politics or event the cameras. Great photographs of the demo!

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Thank you, John.  Unfortunately, as you foresaw, "I see no difference" - regardless of the camera, I like them all!

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