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    • By jrp
      I post process my SL 2 raws in Adobe Lightroom.
      It is generally fine, although, as seems common with Leica raws, the reds are a bit oversaturated. 
      I tend to use the Landscape profile as it seems to have a slightly less contrasty tone curve than Color and the colours are a bit more vibrant. A typical workflow is to add a bit of vignetting, adjust white balance, push the auto exposure, for a starting point, normalise the black and white points to get the right amount of clipping, add 15 clarity and 5 dehaze, and Robert is your Mother’s brother.
      The SL2’s white balance is normally v good, but when it isn’t I find that Auto tends to result in an overly warm image, relative to the expected neutral. Similarly, taking the white balance reading from gray clouds seems to result in too much warming of the image, suggesting that the SL2 wants to render them blue, at least under the Landscape profile. (I get better results taking the white point from cloud highlights, where they are available and where it isn’t too close to sunset.)  I also realise that the dehaze tends to add a bit of a blue cast.
      Has anyone a better recipe for getting better (more natural) colours out of the SL2?
    • By Tom1234
      For Using Leica's Historical line of Manual Focus Leica-M Lenses
      are the Leica SL, SL2, AND Nikon Z6, Z7, Bodies Essentially Equivalents?  
      Same Ease Of Use?  
      Same Easy focusing?
      Ease of Carry?
    • By Artichoke
      can I use my Sigma Ring flash from my Nikon system, with the SL2?
      TTL not important to me ...it worked a charm with my Fujifilm & Nikon bodies
      don't want to try it & screw up the camera, which I love
    • By BlackDoc
      Feeling some pressure i had to go for some photos early this morning.....
      Buzzer at 4:30, a cup of coffee  (okay, double double espresso...),  eating while driving and going to the Harz mountains.  Arriving the parking area i was the only one there.... (hours later the road was blocked as there was no more free parking place when i returned). Armed with rucksack, tripod and headtorch i went up to the hills. 
      And here are the results. 
      Early morning 1
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    • By baoluo.ma233
      Good evening, I’m a relatively new SL2 user switched from M platform, always struggle with the size of SL’s wide angle solution. Just saw one xpan lens 30mm 5.6, a very nice reputation landscape option. There’s one adapter made by Kipon, exclusive for xpan to L mount, anyone tried before?
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