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Adapter for Xpan Lens on SL2

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Good evening, I’m a relatively new SL2 user switched from M platform, always struggle with the size of SL’s wide angle solution. Just saw one xpan lens 30mm 5.6, a very nice reputation landscape option. There’s one adapter made by Kipon, exclusive for xpan to L mount, anyone tried before?

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    • By Aaron Daniel
      Hi all, I've noticed there isn't a dedicated thread for editing L-Log footage, so I will begin one here. I realize that colouring and re-touching video is a very subjective field, but I wanted to see how others work within Leica's limited literature surrounding post-production in video.
      I've just updated my Atomos Ninja V to the latest firmware, which now allows for L-Log recording from leica (the past year with the SL2 was a little tedious working with both internally and externally recorded video footage). Now, with this update, BT2020 seems a lot nicer.
      I've just done my first video about this update here:
    • By augustwest100
      I was wondering if anyone has done side by side comparisons of the Sigma L mount 24-70 with the Leica Vario Elmarit 24-90.
      I find that I use my Sony a9 mostly as follows:
      75% of the time I have the excellent 55mm Sony Zeiss 1.8 on it due to the best balance of size, weight, sharpness, bokeh, every day use
      20% of the time I use the excellent zeiss batis 25mm 1.8
      5% of the time I think about using my 70-200 f4 Sony or my excellent 24-70 Sony G master f2.8...and then decide I don't really want to carry it around, so I take the 25mm and the 55mm instead and alternate use. This can be a pain when I need to swap them back and forth but is lighter option and sometimes I just take one.
      So I am trying to figure out where I would start with a Leica SL2 system, as I only have a Leica M 35 summicron presently:
      Go with a 24-90mm Leica Vario Elmarit (costly and heavy) and use my M lens when I want a lighter setup to walk around with.
      Go with a Sigma 24-70 for general use, and then put money towards an autofocus Leica 35mm or Leica 50mm.
      Neither of these setups will address the 70-200 lens that would be missing, but I rarely used it, so I can do without I think and either pick up a used 135mm manual focus lens, or maybe a 100mm macro lens and crop it.
      At any rate, would be nice to get some feedback on the image quality of the Sigma 24-70 as that might help me decide. I am continually trying to choose between the SL2, SL2s and M10r and it doesn't seem to make sense to get the SL2 system without at least one autofocus general purpose lens. Otherwise, might as well just go with the M!
      Thanks, all!
    • By DJGR33R
      Hi Photogs 
      Can anyone explain how the SL2 processes it’s multi shot images when set in multi-shot mode?
      I understand that the camera takes 8 different shots by moving the sensor 0.5 pixels each time. My question is does the camera merge these 8 images to produce the final 187 MB image or does it interpolate between each of the 8 images to produce the final result ?
      A couple of my multi-shots look like they have had mild HDR treatment which is not to everyone’s taste. Is that the intention or consequence of multi-shot images?
      Any advice welcome !
    • By augustwest100
      Hello there,
      I am looking to get some advice coming from a Sony A9, which I got not because I shoot action, but because I was drawn to the "no blackout" EVF. I have used and owned many Leicas in my day, including the MP film camera, the M9, M240,  Q, and M10, and am currently "between" Leicas. I am wondering whether anyone can guide me with my next decision: Whether to sell the Sony A9 and the glass I own for it in order to get a Leica SL2 or SL2S, or to get the Leica M10R. I absolutely love the experience of looking through a glass viewfinder at the real world and I like to take a minimalist approach to what gear I carry. I never "spray and pray," even with the A9, at most I focus once, recompose and shoot. 
       I don't always hit focus with the M cameras, and sometimes I get a little stressed by the fact that you cannot see the exact framing of the image, and many of the lenses (such as the Summicron 35mm M I still own) do not focus on close subjects. So I guess what I am saying is that I am struggling with the pros and cons of both systems. The M system is near and dear to me, but I don't always get focus or framing when under a little pressure. The SL2S intrigues me as a good way to replace my Sony A9, sacrificing Sony's autofocus madness, button layout, and pages of frustrating menus, for a more sublime Leica experience, but seems a little heavy.  The reason I was thinking of SL2S versus M10R is that the resolution of the  M10R would allow me to "fix" the framing if I don't get it perfect, where on the SL2S I would be seeing exactly what I would get before I shoot, so the extra resolution would probably not be needed as much. 
      Of course I would love to own both someday
      Note: I am not a professional photographer. I like shooting street, landscape and sometimes non-studio portraits. I like Leica because of the simplicity of use, the connection to film days, and because of the dedicated dials for ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture. If the M10D had a film advance lever that worked, I probably would have pulled the plug on that baby! And if the Sony A9 had dedicated dials (and less of them) and about 10 pages less of options (animal eye auto focus - wow!) I would consider keeping it.
      Thanks for any advice you may have!
    • By chris_tribble
      Has anyone else noticed an issue when using AF with the SL2?
      CONTEXT - I'm working with VE 24-90 and VE 90-200 on the SL2. The same problem occurs with the Sigma 45 DG DN - so it's not a Leica lens specific problem. I usually default to field metering and AFS.  However, I've recently set Intelligent AF as a default. At the moment (lockdown!) I'm mainly working with landscape photography while doing socially distanced treks in the area around where I live.
      ISSUE - I've started noticing that with Intelligent AF + Field (or ANY other relevant AF mode) the focus locks as normal on the selected area, but with the shutter half down to lock AF, the image in the screen blurs slightly.  The moment the shutter is fired (or pressure is released) everything snaps back into clarity.  I found this very distracting.  I think I've found the solution for now is to switch to AFS, where this behaviour does not manifest itself.  
      REQUEST - Does any one else share this experience - or can you reproduce it?  If yes, any thoughts on a solution - or is this maybe a firmware issue we need to raise with Leica?  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.
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