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LHSA Membership Offer for Forum Members

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the forum, for the month of October, any member of the forum not already a LHSA member can receive 15 months' membership for the normal 12 month dues, a 25% bonus.  You can sign up here: https://lhsa.org/special-membership-promotion/#join

Members-only benefits include:


  • Digital subscription to Viewfinder, the Leica Society’s award-winning quarterly journal featuring photo essays, Leica history, and camera reviews.
  • Access to twice yearly meetings (this year by zoom) with great speakers (Peter Karbe Oct 9).  Future annual meetings include Seattle in 2021, Dublin 2022 and Wetzlar 2023
  • Members-only photographic educational webinars teaching everything from Lightroom to Using Classic Rangefinder Lenses on Modern Digital Cameras to Printing Essentials.
  • Access to members-only portion of website with exclusive articles, Ask an Expert program, Viewfinder archives, and the latest Leica news.
  • Website, Quarterly newsletter and bi-monthly emails to stay up-to-date on all things Leica, including news on exclusive offers and special commemorative products.
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1 hour ago, marcg said:

Sorry, but does this offer include membership of this forum as well or is that separate?

Hi.  Sorry if there is any confusion.  LHSA and the forum are separate entities; the offer posted is only for LHSA membership

Like most forums, anyone can join here and membership is automatic - but support through premium membership is an option and I am sure very much appreciated by Andreas.




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