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20 Years Leica Forum: A Gift, Discounts and A Request

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20 Years Leica Forum: A Gift, Discounts and A Request

To be honest: I almost missed the fact that the Leica Forum just had its 20th birthday – it became clear to me only a few days before the anniversary.

I just managed to write a short post, but I still don't have the time to organize the big party ;)

At this point, thank you very much for your overwhelming positive, nice, emotional and personal congratulations!

But I have a gift, discounts and a request for you as faithful readers and members:

1. Gift: Classifieds free of charge until November 15

Normal ads in the classifieds are free of charge until November 15th!
You can publish simple ads in all categories without any further costs.

And I have halved the prices for premium ads (highlighted in all lists)...

2. Rebate: Premium Memberships Discounts

The prices for premium memberships are reduced from 40€ to 30€ in the first year!

And if you don't want to commit yourself for a whole year, you can take out our new trial membership:

15€ for three months and freely decide how the membership (annual or quarterly) should continue.

3. My Request: Please Support the Forum

Without going into details:
The Corona pandemic and cookie banners are currently cutting a massive chunk out of the financial basis of the Forum. Unfortunately I can't do anything against Corona, but I plan to completely shut down advertising based on visitor tracking  - tracking you guys. This means another hard cut in my turnover.

You can help me to compensate for this:

Thanks for your support!


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6 hours ago, crow said:

Hi Andreas,

The eBay link shows more than one sellers. 

How does this help?

You can buy from any seller on e-bay - it's the link that's important - by using that link to the e-bay site Andreas receives a small commission, whatever you buy as a result.

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vor 2 Minuten schrieb fotografr:

I would encourage all members who value participating on this forum to consider making a donation. I'm doing so through PayPal right now.

Much appreciated! If anyone is looking for the right link: 

One-time Leica Forum donation via Paypal.me


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Advertisement (gone after registration)

I really enjoy to be here, to learn, to discuss, to opine. Challenges, many photos, new worlds, old schools, new techniques etc etc. I happily arrived in 2018, but only a few days ago I became premium member.

Happy to contribute with my part, we love the LUF and we want for the years to come.

Thank you again for your hard work and good luck for everything.

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I was looking at items on Amazon at the link you provided, and noticed that if I went to another product your link identification codes went away. Have you considered registering LUF with Amazon's SMILE program? I would happily change my current SMILE charity to LUF. Here's a link for eligible 501(c)3 organizations to register with Amazon. https://org.amazon.com/ref=smi_se_saas_org_org

I've made a donation now too.

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I somehow missed the birthday - belated congratulations and thanks to Andreas and the moderators who make the LUF such an enjoyable and informative place to be. I bought my first Leica in December 2013 so must have become aware of the Forum sometime in 2014, and ever since it has enriched my photographic experience immensely - long may it continue and prosper!  To which end I too have just donated.

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