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3 hours ago, Tim Hazen said:

Have connected the camera to my iPhone through the Leica Fotos app. and successfully uploaded some images. Lately, however, the two devices connect, but I am unable to view images in the Fotos app or upload images. Any thoughts/suggestions?

If I have any issues, I usually Delete the App and Reinstall. The info on the camera is pretty stable..  L

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    • By Shanks
      Does anyone know of a way to connect the Q2 to a laptop via wifi? It seems like a big oversight not to be able to transfer photos from my Q2 to my phone but not my machine.
      I work in Lightroom for post and would love to save time and steps.
      Thanks all in advance.
    • By ho_co
      Probably already answered many times. Sorry for the repeat.
      Does anyone know whom to contact at Apple in regard to getting the D-Lux 7's raw files recognized in MacOS High Sierra? (2011 computer; High Sierra is latest compatible OS.)
      Apple says to contact Leica because the camera files may not be compatible with the OS. That doesn't ring true to me...
      Or would it be best just to forget about it? 
    • By roedj
      I am looking for a way to remotely trigger the shutter on a D-LUX 7 camera. I don't have a smart phone. I've searched various fora but I'm just not experienced enough to know what I'm reading. Any help is much appreciated.
    • By firoze
      I too find it frustrating to post photos on this forum, and have almost stopped uploading photos, though I really would love to. I do not use LR or PS and find it tedious to resize photos. It is very difficult to adhere to both the dimensions and the file size limits combined.
      Is it not possible to incorporate a system like FB which automatically resizes images? This is very much required on this forum. 
      Stuny, in earlier times, internet bandwidth may have been an issue, but these days, when people can easily upload photos from their smartphones on FB and other social media, I do not think this is an issue any more.
      I sincerely hope the Admins will look into this. Thanks!
    • By yst
      Anyone tried to use the little flash unique that comes with the Leica D-Lux 7 package on a Leica CL body?  Would that be compatible?   (just for fill flash purpose)
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