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Looking to do more sports/action photography with my CL.  Not Sports Illustrated covers - just kids soccer and theater production work.  Worried that SIGMA 100-400 would be too heavy.  I know CL is not a sports camera but 10fps with decent focus tracking should be good enough.  Need at least 200mm to feel close enough in most cases.

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Just now, jaapv said:

Except that it takes quite a bit of skill to use for sports. The 55-135 would be more suitable.

Jaap, I think that can be said for most long-focal length lenses. Of course a zoom is more versatile. But for occasional needs, I enjoy working within the limitations of a fixed focal-length lens.

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I have no problem with manual focus, indeed it is often preferable because of the shallow DOF but for less experienced shooters and dynamic situations like sports AF makes life a lot more simple. Combined with OIS it allows shots that would be hard to get with a manual lens. As for zoom, the situations described by the OP make for a fixed shooting, position, making a zoom lens almost mandatory. 

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Thanks for the comments/suggestions.  I'm not a very experienced manual shooter (yet) so AF is pretty much a have to have at this point. I like that the Sigma has more range/length than the Leica 55-135 which would likely bail me out of a number of photographic situations. Would love to see the Sigma in the flesh just to get size/feel but pandemic puts the brakes on that for now.

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Lens rentals is wonderful for just this. I got one from them when it just arrived: lovely lens and great image quality, especially for the price, but concluded it wasn’t for me. A bit heavy to handhold for long periods, a bit tricky to get good shots, lots of misses (likely poor operator!). The 55-135 is easier, and is a more “supportive” lens. 

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A trick for fast and effortless handling is to use the tripod ring, The foot is good for gripping the lens. It is precisely under the balance point; it is important, when using a long lens, that the left hand grips it in that point.

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