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I am a bit late to the party - so the cake might be eaten, the champagne bottles emptied, but my best wishes for the future come from the heart! Thanks to everyone participating in this lively forum, be it with advice, criticism or a ton of gorgeous pictures every day!

A great shout out with congratulations to Andreas for keeping this forum in good order and giving as a cozy place in the web!

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Happy Birthday!

Thanks to Andreas and Leon and all the patient moderators - especially Andy and Jaap who I seem to come across most!

great job done by all, 

Of course, I’m only a newbie around here (I was gobsmacked to find I joined on 24th September 2006! )

All the best

Jono Slack

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On 9/20/2020 at 12:39 PM, jaapv said:

At any rate, you are the most senior  active member I have found up to now :)

I remember the old forum well. For a time it suffered some troublesome trolls. I think Andreas, with help from skilled moderators, was instrumental in controlling those unwanted troublemakers although they might have been excluded before the change-over.. Somewhere I have archived pages of helpful discussions, but I fear they are/were stored on old floppy discs, some 5 inches in diameter. That would be a technical challenge to read those again. I also remember how some members were upset by the loss of their numbers of postings during the change-over. We all went back to zero.

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I had to smile at the thing about the lost Perl script. If only it had been imprinted on a negative. Then I bet it could have been easily found and restored today :D 

Belated happy birthday dear LUF.

On a sadder note, thank you very much for posting the below, Pete. I wasn't aware of several of those who have passed. As much as such is life it makes me sad to see.

One thing I think the forum could do better, if this is the time to discuss such things, is to encourage women photographers to participate. Not sure how that would happen, though. Perhaps it is in the nature of things, that men generally spend more time than women discussing equipment, but I've always found it unfortunate that this forum does not have a better gender balance.



On 9/20/2020 at 6:46 PM, farnz said:

Perhaps this is an opportune moment to remember some of the members who no longer frequent the forum (disappearance through change of forum name notwithstanding).  I'll start with the following in no particular order and where there's  beside the name it indicates that they are sadly deceased:

  • k_g_wolf
  • George James
  • Falstaff
  • Lars Berguist
  • John A Stovall
  • Rickp13
  • Pico
  • Nicole
  • Businessasusual
  • William Palank
  • Janna Stein
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I was thinking about Yur only the other day. Not quite gone, but definitely not forgotten.


Pete's list has missed out John Mead, from Vancouver. He was decent chap, in the early days. I have forgotten his yuser name though


Edit: "leicamann"

Last visited early in 2019. I hope he's OK.

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Has anyone mentioned Helios yet? I seem to remember a long diatribe from him about how it was impossible to scan film before eventually admitting he’d never tried doing it - though a mate of his had once tried scanning a frame of HP5 and it hadn’t worked well.

Why do I remember the crap stuff and not what’s important?

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