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Peculiar problem with exposure indication

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For unknown reason(s) an oddity is happening with indicated exposure times seen in viewfinder. After making an exposure, for the next two exposures there is no variation in indicated exposure time when panning about with camera. After the third exposure, the indication again varies properly as you pan about different scenes. Then repeats. As if there were an unwanted exposure lock mode in effect for 2nd and 3rd shot of a 3 shot sequence..

Cannot find any obvious settings error likely to be the cause. The bracketing is set to 0.

Tried to reload latest firmware but it "completes" in about two seconds so never happened. Does Leica determine the actual present checksum of the loaded firmware and decide that a reload is not necessary??

What am I missing here? Thanks.


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Hello. No, I am not keeping it half pressed. After the first exposure, that exposure time appears in viewfinder. I pan around and it stays constant. If I do press button half way, the displayed time remains the same but a dot appears to left of the time. I can turn the dot on and off by half pressing the button. After two more exposures, the exposure time again updates with panning, and locks when pressing half way.  Then the cycle repeats.

Is there a way to reload firmware when the same version is already installed??

As it stands, I have to turn off and turn on the camera between shots...

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I have noticed a similar problem with mine. I have to switch it off to clear the problem.

I have also noticed that the indicated speeds in the viewfinder when shooting manually don’t always match those on the shutter speed dial.

I should send it back to Wetzlar, but don’t want to be without a camera for months.

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Thanks for your comments Andy. I wrote to Leica in NJ with a  few questions. There is no way to reload a suspected defective firmware installed in the camera..... But the good news was that trying what they suggested, resetting the camera, worked. I had never had to do any reset (and had forgotten it existed as a Menu item) because turning off/on and/or removing/installing the battery solved everything else. So now it works as it should. Mystery remains on how the camera got into its faulty state.

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