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SF24D with M9 jumps to ISO 3200

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I wonder if others had the same problem: I have a 2nd SF 24D that I use regularly with my M3 on A setting, no problem. Now, recently I obtained an M9 and tried out the 24D with it but it instantly switches to a flashing ISO 3200 and an LGN of 45. This cannot be changed by the +/- buttons, nor anything else (such as f-stop). This occurs in A and M setting (TTL/GCN I can forget - it doesn’t work at all with the M9 but reminds me to switch to A). 

The odd thing is that it resets once off the M9 and then the settings can be used just as normal. I tried it also on a friend’s D-Lux 5 and his ancient Digilux 2 - the former works fine on A,  the latter produces the same problems as with the M9. 

I usually am fine working on A or M since I normally use the 24D as a filler flash but even that doesn’t work with the M9 under these circumstances. 


Thanks very much


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My SF-24D works fine in all modes with my M9 and other digital Ms.  Possibly yours has a dirty or stuck pin

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Thanks Luke. They look quite clean and shiny but I'll clean them again with some alcohol. What pins do you think could be stuck? The pins on the SF are all extended and I am not sure how I spot them to be stuck - locked into the body of the flash? 

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They are spring loaded, so if they are extended and don't stick in the flash if pushed in they are ok. I suggest also cleaning the contacts in the camera hot shoe.  Your symptoms sound like the issue could be in the flash firmware.  My Nikon flashes can be reset, but I have not found a reset feature in the SF-24D.

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Yep, they are extended and yes, the spring loading works - i.e., they can be pushed in and come out when released. I have now cleaned all the contacts and the only rather odd change I noticed is that I can reduce the flash intensity on the M9 and the Digilux 2 pushing the "-" button - I guess to -2 - without the display showing it. In fact, the display is still showing always the same flashing ISO 3200/f45 and I can't change anything - except reduce the light to a somewhat overblow filler flash. It is odd - I guess something more complex isn't working in the flash. Except, of course, that it still works like a spell on the D-Lux 2. Beats me.

Thanks again

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