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How to remove stored hood on Summilux-R 50mm f/1.4 Safari version?

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Can anyone tell me how to remove the hood on this lens that I just received? It's reversed in the stored position exactly like in the attached photo (same type of lens), but I can't get it off (or can't figure out the procedure for getting it off!). When I pull on it, it's spring-loaded somehow...that little circular dial moves when push it towards the mount, but the hood will still not come off.

Gah! Help?

And here's a video showing the hood off the lens, just so you know I'm not crazy and that I should be able to remove it...



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OMG. Figured it out: you have to lift it away (spring-loaded), and then rotate it. Weird and somehow not intuitive for me (someone who has handled many non-Leica lens hoods)!

When you put it on the front of the lens, there is NO spring action...just engaging the stationary cams on the barrel. Only the storage mode has spring action.

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17 minutes ago, dadu007 said:

Is that that little round black rotating knobby-thing just for decoration?

No, not for decoration, this "knob" is to turn polar filter ( Series VII filter has to be used, see here in Wiki ), when the hood is mounted on the lens.

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