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There have been discussions about the mysterious "system error" sometimes occurring on the Q after switching on the camera.

This was a know issue with earlier firmware but should no longer be the case after firmware 2.0.

That said, it happened several times on my brand new Q and I decided to send in the camera for inspection to Leica in Wetzlar after having been in touch with them to diagnose the issue.

Got the camera back with a note stating there is nothing wrong with the camera. The error message would be caused in situations where the camera has not been used for a longer time and the internal battery (not the rechargeable battery pack) would have gone empty. Before it charges itself again (taking power from the rechargeable battery pack), there would be a brief moment when it has no power at all, and that would be causing the error message. Switching the camera off and on again takes care of it.

Thought this might be helpful for some others here as well.


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