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Fixing the achilles heel of the Leica CL / Leitz Minolta CL - with a brand new take up spool

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Hi everyone, 

I'm currently working on a project to once and for all fix the analogue Leica CL's broken take up spool problem, by 3D printing them. 

I've ran a roll through mine with version 2 of the spool and it works pretty good, but i'm working on version 3 which should be better still - I got the dimensions slightly wrong on this one - it's too short.

How many of you CL owners would be interested in buying such an item? They'd cost around £20 and be sold through eBay all said and done, and I'd make a video showing how to take apart the CL and install them, as well as reassembly - International shipping would happen too through the eBay GSP as I'm UK based.

The attached photo is version 2 and not by any means the final version as this is still in very early development, but the quality of the ones that go on sale will be much higher. This one was printed by a friend of mine, but I'm soon going to acquire my own printer and make them much better.

I know also that this doesn't look anything like the original, but when I copied the original part dimension for dimension, curve by curve, it didn't work and suffered the same problems as the original.. immediately. Thus I simplified it and made it more "3D Printer friendly."







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Never had a problem with the spool on my CL - used it since about 1980. So no interest here.

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Interesting but basically not a solution if you arr in mind to use PLA. It could be interesting having a ABS injected part, PLA after some months of use will definitely destroy. But idea is noce if you have time to manage. Then see too many error in your print. I Suggest to use at least a resin printer. Not filament at all.

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12 hours ago, M.piras said:

Interesting but basically not a solution if you arr in mind to use PLA. It could be interesting having a ABS injected part, PLA after some months of use will definitely destroy. But idea is noce if you have time to manage. Then see too many error in your print. I Suggest to use at least a resin printer. Not filament at all.

Thanks, There are a few errors in this print, as it was not done by myself so it's an early prototype done by a friend of mine. So far it's survived 2 rolls and isn't showing any signs of breaking. Once I get version 3 installed i'll use it for a month or so and pass several rolls through it to test it out.

I think the final product will be made from PETG as it is stronger overall and has a higher melting/deformation temperature. ABS is actually weaker (from my understanding) and an injection moulded part would require a costly piece of equipment to manufacture. 

Resin printing is not something I've looked into, but certainly will to see if it's cost effective (and strong enough) before I start selling these.

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    • By Rob7P
      Maybe the future of the CL and TL2 will be the same sensor of the Sony alpha 7C: compact camera, full frame and 24 MP? 
      There are also rumors of an SL2-S with this specs so it can be the end of the CL and TL lineup?
      Currently I have a T and I'm worried if upgrade to a TL2 for Black Friday or wait.. I will be happy to uprade for the extra megapixels of the TL2 but there are some cons for the fact that with the same sensor the pixels are smaller?
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      I would like to share my experience with the Leica CL after one year of use.
      The first idea was to find a replacement for my Canon 6D after 6 years of loyal service.
      Why change to a Leica CL, you ask? 
      - To gain in size and weight and really take my camera everywhere.
      - to benefit from EVF technology
      - to make full use of the lenses of my Leica T, which I love but is not the most efficient camera available.
      - to use my M lenses much more easily than with the T.
      - to finally have a single ecosystem
      The observation is simple: the CL is an excellent daily camera especially with the Zoom 18-56 mm, when the light is there ...
      - The EVF is of good quality.
      - The image quality is very good, as is the ISO management.
      - The weight and size are very nice.
      - The Thumb support greatly improves ergonomics and allows to limit the movement of the focus slider.
      - Only the autonomy is a real weak point and 2-3 batteries are essential.
      - Wifi is very slow and for my part almost unusable, I don't have enough patience !
      Concerning the TL lenses, I am more reserved :
      The Elmarit-18mm was part of the kit, I will discard it because I'm not too comfortable with this focal length, but the image quality is good and I recommend it to anyone who likes to shoot with 28mm.
      The Zoom 11-23 is very good, the color rendering is excellent, but for specific and occasional use. I only use it very rarely. 
      For my use, the zoom 18-56mm  at my preference on the CL, the quality is good, and the weight perfect. It is really the ideal partner of this camera because it is very versatile.
      I don't need the 55-135mm zoom and haven't tried it. (Same for the Elmarit TL 60mm)
      The fact remains that, at this stage, a luminous lens is missing, a real all-purpose optic, usable indoors and for street photography :
      I used the TL-35mm for a few months, but I didn't keep it. The lens is heavy and the 50mm is not my favorite focal length. But clearly the image quality is superb.
      The Summicron TL- 23mm, which I had with the T, I didn't have a very good experience with it and I sold it.
      But here it is, 35mm is still my favorite focal length and one year after selling the TL-23mm, I ended up buying one to give it/me another chance.
      What motivated me besides the very low price at which it is possible to find it in new condition, is the fact that it is possible to use it with the SL, of course with a reduced resolution but what a result!
      So much so that I don't think I'll go for the Sigma 45mm for the SL.
      Whether with the CL or the SL, we are very close to the Summicron-M 35mm.
      This brings us to the use of the CL with the M lenses :
      The use is simple and efficient, the quality of the images is up to the M.
      An advantage is also that an M 50mm becomes a 75mm, ideal focal length for portraits.

      On the other hand, I much prefer the ergonomics provided by the SL for the use of the M optics (the EVF and the joystick really make the difference).

      To sum up, I will continue to use with pleasure the Leica CL with the 18-56mm zoom and the 23mm to have a light and luminous equipment
      if needed and hope to have a software improvement of the WIFI.

    • By framecontrol
      So I was ripping around in an off-road vehicle in Sedona and taking some beautiful landscape photos with my Q2. All of that off-roading caused the Q2 to get covered in some fine dust and sand and while the camera worked fine, you could feel the dust inside the aperture ring and dial—it was just a little grindy and you could tell it needed to be cleaned, but otherwise it was perfect.
      The camera got shipped off to Leica in New Jersey and 2 weeks later they came back with a repair starting point of $2,600! Apparently, they didn't open up the camera or anything and just do a general look at things and an assumption prior to the true estimate. My shop told me they wrote very basic notes - "Damages by sand - Need to adjust auto focus, replace parts, check, adjust, clean" - it seemed very templated. They did not say what parts needed to be replaced (according to my shop.) They did say shipping was included.
      Just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions. Maybe the actual repair will cost less? Should I push back on them? Do I have other options outside of Leica?
      Thank you!
    • By boojum
      OK. I am starting from that point where we all start: total ignorance.  I receive my M8.2 today when FedEx delivers the little honey.  I would not normally run an eBay camera by a repair facility to check it but this is special.  And the seller has a 30 return window so I want a skilled tech to 1) look it over and evaluate its condition and, 2) do a CLA if needed.  I will bring it up with the new lens so that the tech can check how well the lens gets along with the rangefinder.
      I have read on this board and in this sub-forum that two esteemed Leica techs will not open an M8/M8.2 because of "grounding issues."  I have asked Wetzlar and finally Leica NJ about this.  They have danced all around this and are as good at equivocation as any politician or time-share salesman.  The best I could get out of them was that taking the camera to a non-Leica facility may void my warranty.  They have not said that any other tech is unable to inspect, evaluate or repair the M8/M8.2.
      So I am going to be a guinea pig on this.  I will take some pics when the camera arrives, of course, just to make sure it works.  Tomorrow I will drive up to PDX and drop it off with a repair facility I have had do work in the past.  They did the job right in the past on a Pentax digital.  I will see what happens.  I will know it worked before I brought it up.  I will have the digital proof.  I will also see what these fellows can do.  And the tech left me a message to the effect that the M9 was pretty much an M8/M8.2 inside but with a bigger sensor.  So we know he has opened up a few of them.
      As they used to say on TV, "Tape at Eleven."
      Looking to do more sports/action photography with my CL.  Not Sports Illustrated covers - just kids soccer and theater production work.  Worried that SIGMA 100-400 would be too heavy.  I know CL is not a sports camera but 10fps with decent focus tracking should be good enough.  Need at least 200mm to feel close enough in most cases.
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