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#40 New Normal Barnack Challenge starting now

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After a bit of a delay the new Barnack Challenge is starting now.

The subject is “new normal”, relating of course to the one thing that is affecting everyone across the world since the last challenge, Covid 19.

The subject is intended to allow you to interpret the events in whatever way you wish; empty streets, closed shops, people in masks, internet shopping, photos taken in lockdown at home etc.

Taking the pictures can start immediately and will run until 13 September, which is longer than usual to try and encourage more users to take part.

Uploading pictures will run from 14 to 30 September.

Voting from 1 to 11 October.

Please wait until the uploading topic is opened on 14 September before entering your picture, only one picture per person.


Please remember the basic rule of this challenge, that the picture MUST have been taken on a Leica screw model camera, any model from an O series to a 111g, not on a bayonet M series camera or any other brand of screw camera. The lens used does not have to be a Leica lens, but it would be nice if it was. 

The original challenge rules can be found here https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/126456-barnack-challenge-rules-english/



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24 minutes ago, Ambro51 said:

Hopefully us lucky few with a Working UR May enter?

Definitely yes. I almost put UR but then wrote O series thinking no one was likely to be using the first two original UR cameras, I had forgotten about a new UR.

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