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21mm Summilux or 24mm Summilux


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On 10/3/2023 at 9:14 PM, Bear said:

I'm over here patiently waiting for a new 21 lux with close focus :D 

absolutely, this is my most wanted lens as well, 21mm 1.4 close focus and state of the art edge to edge sharpness, does APO makes much sense for wider lenses? dont care, give me APO as well

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9 hours ago, algrove said:

I also shoot landscape and street and for 21 prefer the 21/3.4. It is very sharp and if I remember correctly some even thought it was sharper than the 24/3.4 which I also own. Any lux should be mainly used wide open and you could be buying that type of lens for seldom use wide open. For sure landscape it will be stopped down. The 46mm filters for either the 21 or 24 non-lux lenses help. Heck you could get both a 21 and 24 SEM for the price of  lux, especially the 21 lux. Suggest you think this through carefully and even rent if you want to get it right.

There is a subtle difference in rendering between the 24 Lux and the 24 Elmarit EVEN STOPPED DOWN somewhat. The lux has much more micro contrast and a more cinematic feel to the images. I use my 24 Lux in the 1.4-5 range without feeling one bit that I should have just used the cheaper lens....

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