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EVF 020 GPS data there with some pics, not others

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I shot some pics yesterday using the EVF because I wanted to test the GPS marking. I shot pics over about 10 minutes and some ended up with GPS data and some did not - can't figure out why.  The first three have no GPS data, the next 6 do, and the final 2 do not.  All were shot outdoors/no buildings around.  Is the GPS somewhat erratic on the 020?

Also, though not really an issue, shots that did have the GPS info produced less detailed text descriptions of the location than an iPhone camera shot from the same spot when the pics were loaded into my MacBook Pro.  I guess that has something to do with the more extensive "data" contained in the iPhone vs the "data" in the Leica EVF but I would have thought that the computer would have "adjusted" both based on the Lat/Long info.  In this case, both showed the same point on the displayed map but the Leica pic said: "‎⁨Bath and North East Somerset⁩, ⁨England⁩, ⁨United Kingdom⁩," while the iPhone shot said: ‎⁨River Avon⁩, ⁨Bath and North East Somerset⁩, ⁨England⁩, ⁨United Kingdom⁩" I was standing on a bridge over the river Avon taking those shots.

Hmmm...re the Leica shots that didn't have the GPS data.  It just occurred to me that I may have framed/shot some of the images using the rangefinder (Live view off) and others with the EVF.  I can't remember.  Maybe if the EVF/Live View is not activated, the EVF is totally "off?" I assumed that if it's mounted and GPS is turned on in the menu, GPS data would be constantly updated/applied to all images regardless of live view setting.  Guess I'll have to go out and test that.



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Went out again and found that it didn't matter whether framed with the OVF or EVF, GPS data was present but like yesterday, the first images did not have GPS data.  I realized it was because it took nearly 2 minutes for the EVF to lock to the satellites.  Other than the first few, all of the images had GPS data but I did not allow the camera to sleep so if the camera goes to sleep (2 minutes on my setup), the GPS has to re-acquire the position.  Obviously, as has been noted, this requires substantial battery power as opposed to NOT using the EVF.

Re that, we spent July 28 at Highclere castle and I took quite a few pics.  Battery still had 30% at the end of the day but that was without the EVF attached. With the EVF and the same battery (at 30%) yesterday and today, it dropped from 30 to 15% in 30-40 minutes of actual use.

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I think you’re onto something regarding the interaction between the GPS lock and the power timeout. Classic GPS does indeed need quite a while to get a ‘fix’ onto the available satellites. Modern techniques — like saving last-location, or using cell tower transmissions (more below) — can improve that greatly, but I have a feeling the EVF’s GPS is pretty basic.

I have the EVF and use it occasionally on my M10-D — typically for focusing at wide apertures, or in difficult light, as the -D doesn’t have a screen at all for either previewing or chimping. While the EVF works well enough for that purpose, I’ve noticed too that the GPS takes too long to lock-in, and because I live & photograph in the Appalachian forests, sometimes it *never* gets a lock.

Sadly, I’ve pretty much written off the GPS functionality. I guess it’s nice occasionally for setting the clock properly, but I certainly can’t depend on the lat/lon info to be there — and it’s honestly not worth the hit on the battery. It’s too bad the GPS radio can’t be disabled in the firmware somehow, because I’m sure that would save some of the precious battery capacity.

The accuracy discrepancy you mentioned between your camera and your iPhone is likely because the iPhone has ‘assisted GPS,’ where it picks up location not only from its actual embedded GPS radio, but also through cell towers which transmit their locations to phones. This can add significantly to accuracy, especially in locations where few or no GPS satellites can be ‘seen’ by the GPS radio in the EVF. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a some ‘accuracy’ calculation that was used by your laptop software, which might change the specificity of your location (River Avon versus a wider area).

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I use gps with M-240.

It takes a few minutes to activate. If the camera goes to sleep the gps turns off, but not completely off with an “x”. It shows an exclamation point.

a half press of the shutter will wake the camera and the gps.

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Went out this morning with EVF on and using it for all framing and NONE of the pics have GPS info.  The little icon showed the GPS to be locked on. Leica's implementation of GPS is...well..poor. :(   Hmm...based the M tradition, maybe the GPS is intentionally designed to duplicate the GPS capability of the M3! ;) 

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