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Repair timelines in EU

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My 8 months old Q started giving me the generic "system error" and "system error o.i.s." errors after 15seconds of usage. I read through the forums over at l-camera-forum and here and it seems that the only way of fixing this is to send it in and (hopefully) get a replacement.

I was wondering what your experience with the repair service in the EU is? Specifically around the timings?

I have a photo marathon coming up in a couple of weeks (nothing professional, but I really got used to the Q in the last 8 months) and I can actually see myself living with taking 1-2 shots at the time during the marathon and then send the Q in for repairs.



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Does Leica have repair timelines? I sent a lens for service to London five weeks ago and despite follow up emails I still have no documentary evidence that it has been received.

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Leica US in New Jersey is very good at communication. I dropped my Q2 and they repaired it in 4 weeks including getting a part from Germany.

I can only hope that’s similar at other Leica service facilities. I sent mine to them and tracked that they did receive it. Excellent when I called to check. Have you called them? 

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