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Weird Image import problem

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I tried importing a about 50 images from my sd card to Lightroom classic. The majority (but not all) of the DNG files were flagged by Lightroom as unreadable. I copied them to my hard drive and tried importing them to Lightroom again. They were all read with no problem.

As you'd imagine I found this weird. The card reader was the built in one in my circa 2015 iMac. 

Does anyone have any comments? Has this happened to you?

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Never happened to me. I have a 2012 iMac that reads my SD cards just fine. I always suspect the SD card. You might try a different brand to see if that works better. 

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A Followup on my experience noted above. I bought a new card, formatted it in the camera. When I tried to import images from it my MAC said the card was unreadable. So I plugged in a removable sd card reader into my usb hub and the pimages imported with problem. It sounds like my iMAC's sd card reader is the culprit.

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