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Would R lenses perform better on a M10M or an SL2?

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The exit pupil of R-lenses is larger than for M-lenses. This and their larger back focal length assures that the light hits the sensor in an angle closer to 90 degrees. So the special design of M-sensors with shifted microlenses won't be as important for R-lenses as it is for lenses with M-mount. Therefore I don't presume that you'll notice any difference. 

(As you mentioned the M10 Monochrom for comparison: the monochrom sensor doesn't need the Bayer-Filter for colors. So 41MP of a monochrom sensor are really 41 MP - with a sensor for color the pixel information is reduced approximately by 25%, giving you the effective information of "only" 35MP with the SL2. Though I think this is merely a theoretical difference). 

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I would also say that if you intend to shoot longer R teles, the SL2 may be easier to achieve spot on focus handheld given IBIS. I've been shooting some longer R lenses (400/6.8, 280/4) on an M10 and achieving optimal sharpness / focus (which impacts final image result) requires a lot more practice sans IBIS assist. Also, as stated in other threads, the Leica brand R to M adaptor can introduce some minor vignetting on certain R lenses. I have not seen similar comments with the R to L adaptor.

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