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Mexico Streets Covid | at 30km/h Essay

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Hi all.

I always want to take photos, and I try to bring always the camera with me, to shoot and be happy 🙂. Sometimes, due to the pandemic, it's not the right moment to shoot, mainly because many people in Mexico don't care and don't wear a mask. I don't want to risk just for the pleasure of doing some street photography. Does it make sense?

Every time I do out, I bring the camera with me, and while driving (in a safe way), I shoot from the window of my car at 30km/h approx. I use hyperfocal, practically point & shoot. When I'm lucky, my wife (and sometimes even my old dog) join me. And I don't drive 😂 but shoot 🙌 Sometimes from the passenger seat, some time on the back of the car. Depending on if you see the lateral rearview mirror, and/or the car frame window in the composition. Everything happens so fast, the car can't stop, and I have to focus quickly. I used zone focusing sometimes, and sometimes manually, depending on the situation.

I would like to share with you this micro essay, to show a portrait of a Mexican city during these times, to use more my M10, in pursuit of mastering focus 😬 Sometimes I see a situation with superpotential, where I would love to stop the car and go out and compose well. But this is what the essay is about. Never stops the car and try to tell a story, or take just honest street photography. That's it. 


M10 + 35mm 2.8 Biogon + 50 Cron V + Photo Mechanic + Capture One + JpegMini

P.s. You can see my gray pick up car in the photos sometimes 🤷‍♂️
Good vibes 


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