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Pixii : A new M mount rangefinder


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The PIXII is out. A digital camera with an optical range finder. The format is APC-C. The camera reminds me very strongly of THE Leica CL (the old one): it has framelines for the 40mm lens and the base of its rangefinder appears to be the same. The price is also in the range of the CL, the new one, that is. 



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vor 4 Minuten schrieb FrozenInTime:

I applaud them for getting it to market; looking forward to seeing some results and youtube influencer's videos.

With this, the Fuji and Sony, the TL and CL , there must be a market for some compact APS-C image circle optimized wide M-lenses.

I start to applaud them if it's not such a crazy rip off like the Yashica Y35 (worst digital camera ever built?)

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In the old days when I was a motorcyclist.  We say...

Things you will find in heaven are: Italian design, German made and French cook.

Things you will find in hell are: French design, Italian made and German cook.

It's mostly refers to motor bikes, not sure if it's applicable to cameras but I think it's fun to share. 

No offend please, it's just for fun.


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If the app works as stated, Leica should buy them up and dump Fotos


A bit more info here: https://www.35mmc.com/08/06/2020/pixii-model-a1112-a-primer/

Interesting, as per my comment above, for the software side of things. Upload your own raw colour profiles; sounds like direct access to at least some of the firmware from your computer; global electronic shutter.

Given that Pixii has no track record prior to this, I wonder how stable the RF calibration will be, and if it is more easily user-adjustable than the M.

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I'm not quite sure who the camera is aimed at considering its price point. It has quite a few things I like; not much I don't but as Tom says in post #8 its possible to get a seriously good used digi-M for the asking price.

All that said I wish them well with their product.


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24 minutes ago, terrycym said:

It is now available to order from their website

Launch versions both sold out. Extraordinary. Let me think, Leica CL or Pixii - hmmmm. S/H M240 or Pixii - hmmmm. 


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Thanks for posting, Philipp.  Interesting.  

I note that it has a 0.67x rangefinder, which lends itself to wide angle rather than telephoto, and there's no mention of offset sensels on the sensor.  This is a recipe for mushy corners as other third party camera makers discovered with M-mount wide angle lenses.

Under the viewfinder specification: "Independent LED backlit framelines for standard prime lenses:  28mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm" so how will the camera detect a 40 mm lens and apply the correct frame lines I wonder?  No detail about manually telling the camera which lens has been mounted so presumably it 'reads' it off the flange as normal.

It has an APS-C sensor but it's not clear whether the quoted viewfinder frame lines are as per the mounted lens or whether they have been adjusted for the field of view as the M8's frame lines are.

Apart from the points above it's potentially an interesting camera although I don't see it displacing my M cameras.  It's 2/3rds the weight of the M10 and the same size except 6 mm thinner so perhaps in the future but the viewfinder/rangefinder would need to be surprisingly good.


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They mention "optimized" micro-lenses, so perhaps they know what they're doing. Also, there's no low pass filter. The baseline of the rangefinder is longer than on the CL. I was mistaken.

I've no idea how they decide when to show the 40mm framelines. The CL solved this by always showing them in addition to the correct one. It (the CL) shows the framelines for both 40mm and 50mm when there's no lens mounted.

I presume that the framelines are adapted to the sensor size. Anything else would be unpardonable, particularly when they even built in a parallax correction.

Given that price point, the camera is not for me. 


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