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Yesterday I took to the streets of Southampton for my first brief venture for 5 months. This is one of the resulting images.

Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5. 1/500 @ f 11 and 250iso. I used a Kodachrome plug-in with Lightroom Classic.


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3 hours ago, tom.w.bn said:

The question is: are they skateboarding girls or just girls with a skateboard accessoir? 🙂

The simple answer is I don't know. The area is popular with skateboarders, but these girls never even stood on their skateboards in my time with them. All I do know is that they travelled several kilometres to be there so I can't imagine they are merely a fashion accessory.


2 hours ago, happymac said:

Nice shot – charming colours. Which plug-in did you use?


I am sorry Tom, I have no idea now, I have had them for a few years now. However there are plenty of free presets available on the Internet.



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4 minutes ago, happymac said:

Thank you, Gerry,

I‘ve tried to find some free suitable kodachrome presets for c1. A few months ago I purchased the presets of filtergrade.com  but they don‘t deliver colors like your‘s.

All the best,


Do you want to email me off list at gwpics@me.com

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nice shot.....but the skin tones are really bad, pink & magenta.

Best way to get close to Kodachrome is to shoot Ekthachrome and use a soft orange filter.

Later on work with the scan and reduce orange and blues......and maybe the final file will look a little bit close to Kodakchrome.

In order to get the best of Kodakchrome like Mc Curry did is work never under direct sun light, and analyze the scene for primary and complementary colours that's the way he worked with kodakchome.....so try to get similar look is impossible.

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