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Need Help Finding Battery fo Digilux2

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I have an answer to your problem.

I too was faced with no battery for my Digilux 2. Plenty were shown when I googled the item but there were problems. I placed orders with 5 or more different companies, most of which were cancelled stating that the item was no longer in stock or available. 2 orders were shipped to me from supposedly 2 different companies that were re-labeled batteries that were not even close in size, shape or voltage. (Both of those orders were actually from the same warehouse. Company using 2 different names.) Both of these gave me a refund and told me to keep the batteries. [WHY? useless since they don't fit!!]

This took a period of about 3 months, all either being returned for refund or outright cancelled.

I then ordered a Kastar Replacement Battery Pack for Panasonic CGR-D08 PV-GS14 PV-GS15 PV-DV910 from eBay for $10.99. It fit but was too long and a little too fat. That was returned also.

I tried 2 or 3 more companies, all orders were cancelled. One was in Europe and was to cost about $35, but I figured it would be worth it,, as the camera is useless without a battery. That order was cancelled as well.

So then I decided to take a chance. An $11 gamble. I re-ordered the Kastar CGR-D08 again and decided to try to modify it to fit in the camera. 


I cut the end off to make it shorter. This exposed the outer shells of the batteries inside the unit, so I put a piece of gaffer tape on it to keep it from touching the inside of the battery compartment door.  I also had to file a small groove in the side of it to make it fit inside the compartment better.

Now it fits in very well and the camera again has life!!!! Fits in the Leica charger also.

Pictures here showing the mods and fitment.


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Good for you! But be careful with that battery! Li-Ion batteries can cause nasty fires when exposed to moisture or short-circuited. The main protection has been beached.

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Thanks for the warning. I am aware of the hazards associated with li-ion batteries. 

It seems I had no other choice. I tried every possible source for that battery to no avail.


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Google "lithium battery rebuild". There are a number of companies that do this. They need your outer plastic shell that fits the camera, and they replace the innards with new cells.

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