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Hello. Newbie to this forum but long time Leica user. I just today received my Leica TL2. I am a Leica shooter but I’ve been using a M9 and a M4-2. Can someone advise me on just a starting point with general menu settings. Most of my shots with the TL2 will be landscapes, sunsets, and nature shots. I know as I get used to it I’ll develop menu settings that fit me but can someone get me started so I can get out and use this today and tomorrow. Thank you. 

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Alan, welcome.

Why not start by using the default settings?

If you prefer capturing raw files, change the settings in the menu and the save those settings as a User Profile. Name it, if you can.

Assess your results and make any necessary changes. SAVE your current (amended) settings in a second User Profile.

Continue with this process, incrementally modifying your profiles until you are satisfied. I am contually refining my User Profiles

Borrowing other users' settings is a bit like borrowing someone else's shoes. They might fit, but are seldom as comfortable as shoes made for you.

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Thanks wda. I wasn’t sure if this even came with default settings. I’ve been reading way to much about the TL2 on line. Thank you for snapping me back to reality. 

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