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Searching for Battery for Leica Digilux 1-2-3

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I have been looking for a battery for my Leica Digilux 1 as mine will no larger charge

I know the Digilux 1 2  and 3 use virtually the same battery I also searched for Panasonic versions as well as generic versions.

Everywhere I searched I was told I can no longer get these and the battery mold has been destroyed etc. I Even called Panasonic direct

Does Anyone out  there know where I can get this battery still? or has a spare working one! 

Online sites I have tried claiming they are in stock like batterykings, had not updated their pages and once I contacted them they all said the same. 'No longer available'.

I know there are a lot of us still with a Leica Digilux as the Leica zoom lens on these cameras is a great lens and renders beautifully in good light. I appreciate your help... Thanks Nelly

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47 minutes ago, jaapv said:

You'll have to cross the Atlantic... Or try China.

Thanks Jaap but I tried these before but when I contacted them Not in stock. Also Alibaba says you have to order minimum of 100 which is strange

Still searching? Hopefully someone out there has an in stock source or a working spare






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Hmm... I put it in my cart at Bol.com and it was payable for next-day delivery. That is an exceedingly reliable large general shop (not a photo dealer)

Anyway, just take your battery to a battery refurbishing service. They can renew the cells.

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Here is the response from Leica

In doing my own research online I have also just found that the availability of after-market battery solutions has apparently ceased.  There used to be up to about half a dozen brand names associated with a replacement battery and now it appears production has stopped on all.  Regrettably Leica Germany could not justify new production runs from their battery partner based on the estimated low volume needed, and after-market providers have seemed to find that manufacturing costs are not met by the current demand.  

 Leica was able to provide replacement batteries for more than ten years after the release of the Digilux 3 model.  I don’t believe that’s typical for the heavily electronics dependent digital cameras with their mostly customer driven short life spans and reliance on worldwide sources for components, etc.  It’s not quite the same as the days of the mostly mechanical film camera models.  I’m sorry that this has put us in the position of letting you down with respect to continued support of your Leica Digilux camera.

BTW- it may be possible to trade the camera in to Leica against a discounted price on a new camera model.  For more information contact Leica Customer Care via repair@leicacamerausa.com

Best regards,
Mark Brady

Technical Advisor

Leica Camera Inc
1 Pearl Court, Unit A / Allendale, NJ 07401 / USA 

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