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On 6/1/2020 at 10:33 AM, d_w_wolves said:

Hi folks,

i’m moving from CL to D-LUX 7.


I work out daily in mother nature with my bike  for approx. 1 hour. Of course depending on weather conditions. Having always my LEICA with me around the neck. First SL (great camera)  to heavy, second CL (great camera) coming to my age of 73 to heavy. So i decided to change to D-LUX 7. And i tell you something, this little toy is for my needs terrible fantastic.

D-Lux 7, 1/125  f/ 5.0 ISO 200 34 mm

Thanks for the post. I'm a little older than you and I'm thinking about the D-Lux 7. Your post is helping me in that decision. Lovely image, and glad to hear your testimony about the quality of the camera.


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Interesting that I went the other way -- from a D-Lux 7 to a CL.  Weight wasn't the issue, it was that I wanted a camera with interchangeable lenses.  Image quality on the DL7 was okay in the right light, but I found the images a little too noisy in anything other than perfect light.  One thing I did like about the DL 7 was the ability to change the aspect ratio, also that it had stabilization.  I get by without it now, but IMO all modern cameras should have that.  

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