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Kyros Moutsouris

fp firmware update request

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Insane topic for a Leica oriented forum, but after all it's also an L-forum ๐Ÿ™‚

In the remote possibility that Sigma staff reads this, I would like to have the option for tethered shooting via USB-C.

As this camera supports webcam mode OOTB, I think it's feasible with a FW upgrade.

Any other ideas are more than welcome.

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The webcam mode doesn't work - not for me anyway. The manual says it's possible - the Sigma website has a blog somewhere by someone who has done it with an example.

But it's not - yet - and yes, it needs a firmware update.

I want to use mine as an occasional webcam, so connected it all up, correctly using the UVC setting in CINE mode. I get a screen on my laptop which more or less shows the scene, but a band at the bottom is seriously distorted, and the movement is jerky. This happens on my Surface Book 2, my wife's MacBook Air, and a Dell that I borrowed.

I've been in correspondence with Sigma UK, who have agreed it's a problem with the camera and will be fixed in a firmware update - but there's no date for the update.

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@Kyros Moutsouris, have a look at firmware v2.0, issued in the last couple of days.

It has corrected the problem I had of not being able to use the fp as a webcam with a USB cable and UVC setting - the signal now seems stable.

There are quite a lot of other improvements, almost all centred around video. It says "supports camera control via USB", but with the unfortunate rider of "software development kit available early July" implying that there is no app yet available to control it.

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