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Japan with a M10-P, 35mm Cron IV and a 50 APO

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This COVID19 season has given me reason to finally work on a video from our trip to Japan last October...all related to street photography.
Having created this in the wee hours of the night that eventually bled into the morning last Friday, I am still content with it despite its imperfections; some clips are shaky, I could've shown the photos for a longer duration. Watching this reminds me how simple life was prior to COVID, where human interaction was carefree, and I strongly yearn for times like this again.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would indulge me for a couple of minutes of your time. Even more so if you have any comments/critiques as well.
Last but definitely not the least, would love to give a big shoutout to my wife for letting me out on the streets from 10pm-2am to capture these moments as she tends to the kids at night.
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thanks @benqui! no professional here. just a mere hobbyist. still have lots to learn and learn how to take better b-roll footage

@evikne - a part of me regrets selling the v4. I didn't like how non-modern it was, but now I think it's a lens I should reacquire again as I have the 35 FLE to pair it (though I am mostly a 50mm street shooter)

@Knipsknecht - I wish we can go back to pre-COVID times.. I also played with the idea of working from Korea/Japan while my company (and NYC) works out the COVID situation.

thanks @elmars, regarding the music, I wonder if it's because they are two songs superimposed on each other to give it that ethereal vibe. I totally get what you're saying as I thought the same, but mostly because I'm used to hearing both tracks separately. 



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52 minutes ago, danieldouloslee said:

a part of me regrets selling the v4. I didn't like how non-modern it was, but now I think it's a lens I should reacquire again as I have the 35 FLE to pair it (though I am mostly a 50mm street shooter)

I think pairing old and new is a great idea. I do it too, with both 35 and 50 mm lenses (and I am also mostly a 50mm shooter).

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    • By clngood
      Hi guys, 
      So today I went out shooting, it was in the afternoon, like an hour or so before sunset time. I found out that a few times when I turned my M10-P on, and my camera was facing the grounds, LV was on, and the LCD started to flicker like it was indoors, but if I moved my camera towards the blue sky, the flicker went away. I was using manual modes and the exposure setting was definitely underexposured. My LCD brightness setting was Auto. Have you seen same thing on your M? Is it normal?
    • By clngood
      Hi guys, so I had my "reporter edition" of M10-P sent in, which had freezing issue, and Leica replaced the old CMOS with a whole new one. So far, no freezing, however, I run into 2 new "issues" if they really are.
      1st one: Sometimes when I press the "Play" button to view the photos, a brief "loading" appears on the screen for like less than 1 second. I didn't do that right after pressing the shutter, even when I was in the menu screen, and that happened, but not very often.
      2nd one: Sometimes when I press buttons (like Play or Menu), and there is no response, so I had to press them again, and this is not very often either.
      I don't remember that I ever had those 2 issues before I sent my M10-P in. I wonder if it has something to do with the very low battery? Have you guys encountered same things on your M10 or M10-P? Are they really issues?
    • By Carolyn Yang
      Hi! I have just recently brought a second hand Leica m10p camera that is produce in June 2019.
      As I was testing it, I found that there is a horizontal line run across most of my pictures. 
      It happens when my camera is heated or I dial the iso up to 1600. Previous seller claim that he never encounter any issue like this... 
      This is my first Leica m camera as I'm not very familiar with it, so I'm not sure if it is trigger by me or is it something else.
      I have read through all the forum since I have this issue. And was surprise that this is a common issue on this extremely expensive camera.
      I have follow the instruction from attached post and send several email to Leica to explain my problem, thinking it will be an easy fix.
      However, a week has passed and never received any email back from Leica customer service nor the technical department.
      Does anyone has similar problem with horizontal line or customer service? Any advice would help enormously!
      Thank you so much!
    • By nuc001
      I've entered the world of Leica for a year or so with the Q2, after ditching photography and my Nikon D90 for 5-6 years. This forum has been a great source of information for me from the beginning when researching about the Q2, and has also most certainly fueled some GAS. Well one thing led to another and now I have the Q2 plus an M10-P and 35 Summilux FLE + 50 Summilux ASPH. 
      I got the 50 first and have been using it exclusively for the past 9 months (Only got the 35 last month). However, in the beginning of Jan 2021, I've noticed that I could not get as reliable focus with the 50 at F1.4 as I used to, even shots between 3-5m at F8 were out of focus dead centre. I did some research and testing and found out that the rangefinder patch did not align at infinity (got close but stops short). This happens with both the 35 and the 50, so it went off to get adjusted at Leica here in Bangkok. 
      After adjustment everything seemed to be ok. Rangefinder patch now align at infinity for both lenses (vertical still slightly off but not an issue) and I could focus reliably with the 50 at 1.4 again, even at minimum distance of 0.7m. However, some shots at 2-3 meters now seem a bit off. But yesterday, F2 shots from 0.7m were slightly blurry, and all shots at F2 from 2-5 meters were off. When zoomed in the photos are not sharp at all. 
      I then did a little test, taking photos slightly before the rangefinder patch aligned, which produced even blurrier pictures, and taking photos a bit pass the rangefinder patch alignment (about 1mm i.e. compensating for front focusing issues). The pictures taken with the rangefinder patch slightly past alignment were extremely sharp, as the 50 Summilux ASPH should be, and was when I first got it. I then swapped in the 35 Summilux FLE and did the same test at F1.4,  resulting in photos identical in sharpness. I am aware that the DOF difference of the 35 may be masking any effects that are shown on the 50, as the DOF of 35 at F1.4 is 60cm, and 50 at F2 is 40cm. Unfortunately I don't have any long Leica lenses to test with. 
      M10-P is still within it's 2 year warranty, bought 2nd hand but no dings or anything suggesting it has been dropped. Worked perfectly for the past 8 months as well. Both lenses were bought new and within warranty. Wondering what it might be. Maybe I need to send both the body for calibration again, but this time together with the 50 Summilux? I am really hoping that the lens does not have to go back to Germany. 
    • By Cheeseman
      Hello folks,
      I’ve been enjoying reading lots of forum topics since buying my first Leica a month ago.  The M10p is a revelation after a few years in the Sony world getting confused in settings and menu choices rather than taking photos.
      Unfortunately one of the few settings on the M10p I have looked at seems to be giving the wrong aperture reading on the Fotos app and subsequently this follows through in Lightroom.  For a time I thought I must be remembering how I took the shots incorrectly, but today I was in Sunny 16 and the photo data shows an aperture varying between 5 and 8.  I just did a test and uploaded a single photo to Fotos taken at 16 and it comes out as 5.
      I’m almost certain that the camera doesn’t change the aperture without telling me (!), do I have a dodgy Summicron 50 or camera?  My other lens is a Summicron 75 and I haven’t checked that one yet.  I’m thinking if that’s also erratic then the issues lies with the camera.
      Thoughts most appreciated,
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