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Sensor Cleaning Workarounds

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13 hours ago, Stuart Richardson said:

The efficient homemade lens cleaning formula I saw was 50/50 99% Isoproponol and distilled water, filtered through a rinsed coffee filter (i.e. rinse the filter first to remove the bulk of the loose fibers), then add a drop or two of photo flo, depending on how much solution you made. Some people add some blue windex...

I wonder what the coffee will taste like, though.

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    • By scroy
      How often do folks typically need to wet clean their SL sensors?
      Lately my SL is picking up quite a bit of dust, and I seem to need to clean about once every 8 weeks or so, and I am not in a particularly dusty environment when I change lenses.
    • By wlaidlaw
      There is a small amount of dust on my CL sensor and what looks like it might be a couple of dots of the notorious Wetzlar Goblin Snot, that afflicts new M cameras. Before I go away on a long trip next week, I thought I should at least start with a pristine sensor. I have plenty APS-C swabs left over from my M8 and Olympus EP-5. For solvent, I have a choice of Eclipse, lab grade 100% Absolute Ethyl Alcohol, IPA or Visible Dust Smear Away. I found Eclipse or Ethyl Alcohol best on M sensors but not good on the SL, which "preferred" Smear Away. I am going to guess that the CL sensor's coating will be more akin to the SL than the M and therefore, I propose to use Smear Away. I also have an Eye-Lead sticky lollipop but never had great success with that, as it seemed to leave lines on the sensor, which had then to be removed with a swab and solvent. It mIght however, be good for clearing scratchy dust before using a swab. 
      Anyone else cleaned a CL sensor yet and if so, what solvent/method did you use? 
    • By bormov
      So most of the photos from my last batch came up looking really weird. Here's a picture agains the sky where you can see what I mean:    
      I don't think it is the lens, since I don't see the same problem with my m8.2. I live in Mexico City, so taking it to a Leica store to the US would be really expensive. I also don't really trust general camera stores here, the reviews I've looked at seem pretty bad. 
      Has anyone had this problem as well?
      Should I try cleaning the sensor myself?
      Suggestions? Help!
    • By Don Morley
      I have loved my T from day one when I first bought it two years ago other than for the one seemingly insurmountable problem of its sensor gathering a seemingly near bucket full of dirt every single time I risk changing lenses.
      Leica UK advised using the sticky pad type of sensor cleaners as they said the dirt sticks to these instead and then just lifts off though I still often find I also need to use a liquid cleaner and do numerous cleans before I am completely satisfied, but as soon as I change lenses again it's back to square one with the sensor instantly dirty again.
      And yes before anyone thinks otherwise I am of course most careful to switch my camera off, and also to point the body downwards before detaching whichever lens exactly as I also do with such as my M9 which never seems to suffer such problems. Indeed it is as though the 'T' sensor alone in my experience acts like a dust magnet.
      Entirely because of this problem I have already sold my standard 'T' zoom and no longer use any of my 'M' lenses on it on the basis of if I only have the wide 11-23 and Tele 55-135 zoom to worry about I will not be changing lenses or suffering the dust problems quite as often, however working in this very limited way then greatly spoils what should be the great joy of using this otherwise wonderful camera.
      Anyway having just come back from a weeks heavy shooting using the 'T' alongside my X-Vario and beloved M9 sadly has decided me to just delete most of what I took on the 'T' rather than waste hour upon hour cloning out the dust spots on what otherwise are superb quality images and that in turn puts a doubt in my mind about if it is even worth continuing with my 'T', however before facing that awful decision I do wonder if anyone else out there might have found a better answer to the problem than I have??
      Don Morley
    • By Mark Maio
      I live in the Atlanta metro area and need to have the sensor on my M9-P cleaned. I called Leica in NJ and there is a 2-3 week turnaround on having git cleaned there. Since I need it cleaned for a major assignment I leave on in two weeks, sending it to Leica isn't an option and PPR in Atlanta won't touch it. Does anyone know of a quality sensor cleaner in the Atlanta metro area or in the Southeastern US? Thanks
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