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Leica SL and Q2-L plate from Manfrotto

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I use L bracket for two purposes: to protect the camera and/or to shoot vertically. AFAIK, only  RRS stuffs serve both well. the price is not much different from M-Q2.

see here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=rrs l bracket sl&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma 

If you only need it for shooting vertical, I found the "L quick release" works pretty good, and much cheaper. (~$30). This stuff is a tripod quick release clamp. you can use it for any camera. One for all and all for one.

see here:  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1062502-REG/desmond_d290_d_290_90_double_clamp.html 

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    • By Herbertus
      as you have probably read the "title" you might already have an idea what my Problem is, but im going to give you a bit of background story. I hope its goint to make it more understandable.
      So i got my leica SL 1-2 Years ago. Since then i have updated the Firmware some times, since the 3.4 Update, i didn't do any updates. So a few days ago, i updated it, and lets just say, it wasn't the smartest decision. It locked the MC-21 out (which previously worked), and also some other lenses, i borrowed from a friend also didn't work.
      So now, is there any way i can like downgrade it? I tried "updating" to an older version but i just got an error.
      Please, if someone knows a solution to the problem, i would be very glad to hear it

      THANKS in advance!!
    • By Herbertus
      Dear Leica Forum Comunity,
      i got my Leica Sl over 1 Year ago, and it might sound crazy, but i only used 3 EF-lenses Adapted to it. After some thinking, I decided to get some new glas, namly L mount glas. As much as i would love to get Leica lenses, i simply can not afford it. So i looked arround what i could use. I now come to a point were i have to make a decision. Is it more worth it to get Sigma glas, or more to get older R-lenses and adapt it to the SL.
      It would be great if someone could tell their experience using either of them on the SL
      Thanks for your replies
    • By bill-au
      I'm wondering if there is a T2 lens mount to L series camera adapter? There seems a plethora of these for every other camera lens mount (including for M-mount), but haven't seen one for the L mount cameras (such as SL2)
    • By Slender
      The new firmware for L lenses is available, but won't install on my SL2... 🤪
      Direct link here
    • By Spina67
      Nuovi Panasonic 20-60mm e Leica SL
      Roma - Parco degli acquedotti

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