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How to post and view images


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How to upload images:

Prepare the image as follows:
1.   The image should be sRGB and 8-bits
2.   Reduce the size to 2480 pixels on the longest side. (smaller sizes can be set, but are not recommended)
3.   Sharpen properly for screen.
4.   Save as JPG to your desktop, reducing JPG quality to produce 2000 kB (5000 kB for sponsoring members).
5.   In Lightroom these parameters should be set in the Export dialog.
6.   In the Forum posting or editing box, click “choose Files” and select the image.

It is also possible to embed an image through linking, but the  embedded image must still fall within the forum size rules above. There is also the risk of a broken link when the image is moved or deleted on the other site. Not recommended.

When you find an image on the forum you see a preview. Click on it for good quality. When the plus symbol appears click on it for full size.

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