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How may of Leica C1 Kirin beer limited edition that made?

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Normally this kind of special edition is ordered by a company (like Kirin) as a marketing exercise. The marketing department of Kirin might be able to answer your question. Leica had four batches of 15.000 in total.

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    • By Herr Barnack
      Sometimes Leica's limited edition cameras leave us scratching our heads with regard to appearance/style.  I don't think that's going to be the case with the M10-P Reporter.
      JMHO but this is a very nice looking camera:
    • By AliceS
      Help! My father recently passed away and I sifted thru his camera closet. I found film, presumably from my grandfather, who was an avid photographer. It is a Leica box with cardboard tubes (see image). These tubes had film in them. Most of the film was tightly rolled, not encased in anything other than the cardboard. There were a couple (3?) that had a metal cartridge around them. I have no idea which camera the film came from. All I know is that one of the rolls was possibly from 1934, as that was written on the bottom of the cardboard tube. 
      What has woken me up in a cold sweat was that I fear that the tight rolls...is it possible that he offloaded the film without developing it? Have I exposed the film by removing it from the tubes in the light? 
      Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas on this crazy situation! 

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    • By RF’sDelight
      Even if most of you are checking Leicarumors.com from time to time, here's is another interesting Leica heritage lens edition:

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    • By SaW
      I'm selling a superb Leica 50mm Apo Summicron - M Black Chrome limited edition lens.
      This lens has been purchased new on 01/02/2020 and used for less than 50 photos so it is completely new, free from any mark of use.
      It is under warranty until 01/02/2022 and sold complete with all accessories and original Leica luxury box.
      This lens becomes difficult to find new or in second hand and its price is rising: (f.i.: launched at us$9700 list price it is now proposed by B&H at $10500 and there's only a few items left).
      I purchased it because I wanted to have a collector item from Leica and because I knew the price of limited edition models is going up with the time.
      But I have no Leica M camera anymore and then decided not to leave this beautiful lens on the shelf for years.
      My asking price is the exact same price I paid for it. I could benefit from a nice 12% discount that you can also benefit from.
      International shipping is possible but only using UPS + fully ensured value (I'm located in Brussels, Belgium).
      Sales of 2nd hand items between private persons usually means no customs and sales taxes to be paid at the US customs. 
      I just sold a Leica S007 camera in California to a forum member and can provide references of past sales with perfect feedback from the buyer. 
      Thanks for watching,

    • By lykaman
      Hi All, my CLA'd  111f's will be arriving shortly, I'm hoping to use one for B&W and the other for Color,, This is just going to be a fun exercise, which films would you suggest? (It must be 20years since I used my film cameras, R6.2 & M6) - L
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