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My [almost] two year old Tekiac Stealthcover’s tripod mounts popped out - yes, both of them. And the plastic started cracking around the tripod mounts, to boot.

Thinking it’s time to update it anyway I went to LFI (where I first got it from) but lo and behold, it’s not there anymore.

A quick visit to the Tekiac website and wouldn’t ya know it, it’s no longer in production.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative? Really only need it to do the three things the Stealthcover did well:

  1. Have a grip
  2. Cover the logo
  3. Have a tripod mount

Bonus points if it comes in black 🤟


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    • By me.daveobrien@gmail.com
      Hey all,  was curious about how the technical aspects of the Zeiss Biogon lenses ( 25mm or 28mm ) would match up with the CL + adapter. Im between either of those or the TL 23mm Summicron. Main use cases being travel and street photography.
      The image render from the Zeiss seems almost better than the 23mm but worried that it wont perform as well on the CL vs a dedicated lens. 
      Has anyone used both on a CL or T? 
      Thanks in advance.
    • By nicci78
      After lots of discussion about future of APS-C. How many of you think that the real reason for CL/TL being held back is the lack of native lenses ? 
      A little history :
      - 2014 : T was released with two lenses : 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 & 23mm f/2.0
      - 2015 : Then two more with 11-23mm f/3.5-4.5 & 55-135mm f/3.5-4.5
      - 2016 : Leica release the only two made in Germany TL lenses : 35mm f/1.4 & macro 60mm f/2.8
      - 2017 : CL was released with 18mm f/2.8 pancake lens  
      Leica were on a good track, 1 or 2 TL lenses per year. But after 2017 ? Nothing happened at all ! 
      We should have 10 to 14 lenses by now. Not 7. 
      Only 1 fast lens. Only a trinity of slow zoom lenses. Only 2 compact prime lenses.
      None of them have OIS. None of the bodies have IBIS. 
      No portrait lens, aka equivalent to fast 85/90mm or 70-200mm f/2.8. 
      No fast wide angle. ex : equivalent to fast 18/21mm. 
      These lens cannot be replaced with any adapted M and R lenses. 
      So what’s the problem here ? Leica may think that APS-C line do not sell well enough. So they stop releasing new lenses  ? It is a kind a vicious cercle. But  no new lens = death of the system. 
      Just like they left the S line died by releasing only bare minimum body upgrade and no new lenses for half a decade. 
      So what do you think about this situation ? 
    • By Duddingston
      Recently bought CL as I used leicas many years ago as a prof photographer - now retired.
      Is it possible to program  CL to only use "M" setting or to remain on the "M" setting when manually put on ?
      (I want to control my exposure myself and not be dictated to by the camera.)
      What "off camera" flash should I buy for the CL. Thinking of second hand Metz or new Nissin but which hot shoe to use ???
    • By thegman
      Hi, I've just bought my cl. Can someone explain how top right wheel is used for magnifying the evf image. Thanks
    • By dietermoellhoff
      Biete hier die wunderbare Leica X1 in gepflegtem, gebrauchtem Zustand aus Nichtraucherhaushalt zum Kauf. Die X1 wurde stets sachgerecht und sorgsam behandelt. Sie hat Gebrauchsspuren. Die Funktion ist einwandfrei. Das Display wurde immer durch eine Schutzfolie geschätzt. Kleine, geringfügige (Micro-) Kratzer bzw. Schlieren) sind wahrscheinlich vorhanden. Mängel in der Funktion sind mir nicht bekannt.
      Die Kamera produziert technisch sehr anspruchsvolle Fotos mit überzeugenden Farben im typischen Leica-Look. Die Leica X1 war die erste Kompaktkamera, die von der amerikanischen Bildagentur Getty Images (Quelle: Wikipedia) in die Liste der für die Einreichung von Fotos empfohlenen Digitalkameras aufgenommen wurde. Von der Größe her ist sie eine praktische "Immer-dabei-Kamera".
      Den Zustand erkennen Sie an den beigefügten Bildern.
      Ich verkaufe die Kamera mit dem originalen Zubehör in der originalen OVP und weiteren Zubehör (Aufstecksucher, Halfcase, Zusatzakku - alles Fremdffabrikate). Es handelt sich eine echte Leica Made in Germany.
      Es handelt sich um einen Privatverkauf ohne Gewährleistung und Rückgaberecht.
      Die Kosten für den Versand per DHL (versicherter Versand) gehen zu Lasten des Käufers (nur Porto, keine Kosten für Verpackung.
      Weitere Bilder können übersendet werden. 

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