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Remote Continuous shooting not working

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Continuous shooting will not be possible with Fotos until Fotos can tell if you are holding down the shutter button.  At present, pressing the button on Fotos will initiate a shot, a delayed shot, or perhaps a bracketing sequence (I haven't tried that), but with continuous shooting, it stops after the first shot, since it doesn't know if you are still holding the button "down," and without that information it will not know when to stop shooting   Someone simplified the coding by having only "button down" and not both "down" and "up".

And yes, strange things will happen if you try to control the camera from both the remote and the local controls.  I think the camera can get into states that it is not meant to be in, and the recovery needed is power off, or even battery out.  Since Leica, from its statements, seems to believe that Fotos and firmware can be developed independently (they are supporting all current models, after all) this kind of glitch will probably continue to happen for a while.

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